Who gave us the world of stunt riding on trials machines, was it crazy Frenchman, Jean Pierre Goy, or America’s only ever World Trials champion, Bernie Schreiber, maybe?  In the UK though the name that always springs to mind is Jason Finn. In 2003 he set a new world record for the longest ‘Bunny Hop’ jump at Sheffield Arena jumping 23 people with no ramp, beating his own record of 21 in the process.

 Words Copyright: Jonny – Jason Finn

Pictures Copyright: The Finn Archive – Matt Black

Jason Finn: “I used a 280cc modified Stan Stephens tuned Sandiford sponsored Montesa 315 which was a rocket ship”

Jason Finn: “The 315 had a big clutch basket fitted and we were at the limit jumping 21 people in 4th gear but we needed more speed to beat that record so we decided to try and use 5th gear, which as most of you are aware does not grab when you dump the clutch!”

Jason Finn: “We used stronger clutch springs and spacers to make the clutch really grab when dumping in 5th, did it work? Too right, 23 people without a ramp is a long long way. I was okay and was always guaranteed to have a safe landing, it was the people on the end that could have been hurt”

Jason Finn: “My stunt organiser Craig was always at the end, wish I had as much confidence in me as he did, happy days!”
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