Repsol Honda Team ready for Montpellier X-Trial

X-Trial 2018   Round XTR 2 ,

Repsol Honda Team, with Bou and Fujinami, in Montpellier for the X-Trial Championship

The leader of the X-Trial World Championship, Toni Bou and his Repsol Honda Team companion are set to take part in the second scoring round of the FIM X-Trial World Championship in France this weekend.

Round Two of the 2018 FIM X-Trial World Championship will be held this Saturday, January 13 at the Sud de France Arena in Montpellier. Toni Bou will arrive at the meeting on top form after the triumph a week ago in Sheffield, England in an exhibition show. The leader of the World Cup seeks to continue the spell of fine results with yet another victory, which will allow him to distance himself further from the nearest second place rival. Currently, Bou has five more points than Jaime Busto and an eight-point advantage over third placed Adam Raga.

Takahisa Fujinami, Bou’s partner in the Repsol Honda Team is one of the riders invited by the championship promoter to fill out the list of nine race participants. The Japanese veteran will try to take advantage of the ‘wild-card’ status to ensure a greater participation in forthcoming events .

The competition will kick off at 20:15 with the rider’s presentation and will be immediately followed by the first phase, with all the riders on the track in groups of three. The top two from each group will advance to the semi-final, which is scheduled for 22:00 and will be made up of two groups. The final, featuring the top two from each group, is due to commence at approximately 22:50.

Toni Bou


We have started the championship very well and the goal of the team and myself is to be able to continue at this level, although in this championship anything can happen and any mistake can be costly. Since the Vendée event we have trained hard for these coming trials that are so close together. Let’s see how they build the obstacles and hopefully they are selective enough to mark the differences between the competitors.

Takahisa Fujinami


I am very motivated for this, my first opportunity to participate in the X-Trial championship. I will try to get a good result, although I know it will not be easy, but that is why we have been training so hard in recent weeks.

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