Repsol Honda Team score another double

TrialGP 2017   Round TR4 , Qualifying 1

Repsol Honda Team score another double in the French TrialGP qualifying

Toni Bou, for the first time this season, scooped the best time in the qualifying round of the TrialGP in Lourdes, France. The world champion with a mark-free time posted first spot, with team-mate Jaime Busto a close second. ‘Fujigas’ took the sixth quickest time.

A notable one-two for the Repsol Honda Team in the qualifying round in Lourdes means that Toni Bou and Jaime Busto get to start tomorrow’s trial from the advantageous rear positions. The duo negotiated some ‘indoor’ style hazards, requiring riding of absolute precision in a bid to gain precious milliseconds on the stopwatch. Takahisa Fujinami took the day’s sixth fastest time behind his two team-mates with Dabill, Raga and Fajardo also quicker .

Tomorrow’s course will feature fifteen sections, thirteen of which are over totally natural terrain with a reduced length of some four kilometres.


Toni Bou  1


Today was an important risk for me to achieve the first place that means that I start out in last place tomorrow. I had no choice but to race hard. I saw that the others were pushing really hard. I saw that Cabestany had a problem just before I started, but in the end it turned out well. I was a bit slow in the first part and right up to the limits, but I’m very pleased to have achieved my first ‘pole’. We will have to see if they leave the sections as they are for tomorrow. Fujinami, the new rider’s representative, expressed the opinion of most of the riders who prefer to leave the sections as they are and not touch them. If it rains, it will be a bit more difficult, but it can be done. This is a subject that I’m fed up with; they keep changing the sections to make them easier. You arrive there and find that they are far easier than on other occasions. I think that the non-stop event should be more than just easy sections. It’s possible to have high-level sections without them being dangerous. I don’t know if they just don’t want me to win, but I’m getting really bored with this subject. I love this sport but I’m tired of having to struggle every day to get them to make a decent trial.

  Toni Bou  

Takahisa Fujinami  3


This is the position that I’m getting used to starting from recently. Jaime and Toni have been really fast and I think I was among the remaining riders. Making mistakes in qualifying was really easy and some paid heavily. Maybe I didn’t take enough risks as I wanted to finish without errors, at about 70-80% of my potential. But sixth gives me a good starting position for tomorrow. Last year I won this trial and I felt very comfortable in the competition today. Let’s hope that I can repeat the 2016 result!

  Takahisa Fujinami  

Jaime Busto  69


I was quick but I got caught up a bit at the end. I think that it’s not a bad result getting to start out in front of Toni in tomorrow’s trial. In front I have Raga and Dabill, who will be good reference points – the important thing is to do it well. The sections seem a bit too easy and we’ll have to wait and see if they modify them for the weather, but I think they are good sections if they leave them alone.

  Jaime Busto  

Qualification results TrialGP of France

Pos. Rider Num Nation L1 L2 L3 T3 Team Time/Gap
1 BOU Toni 1 SPA 0     26.89 Repsol Honda Team 0
2 BUSTO Jaime 69 SPA 0     27.61 Repsol Honda Team 0
3 DABILL James 7 GBR 0     29.29 Gas Gas Factory Team 0
4 RAGA Adam 67 SPA 0     30.13 TRS Factory Team 0
5 FAJARDO Jeroni 47 SPA 0     30.84 Vertigo Factory Team 0
6 FUJINAMI Takahisa 3 JPN 0     31.16 Repsol Honda Team 0
7 FARRE Arnau 19 SPA 0     32.39 RFME Spea 0
8 PRICE Jack 34 GBR 0     32.79 Gas Gas Factory Team 0
9 KADLEC Franz 11 GER 0     33.93 Gas Gas Factory Team 0
10 NOGUERA Oriol 15 SPA 0     35.23 MRW Gas Gas Trial Team 0
11 FERRER Alexandre 13 FRA 0     35.61 Sherco Factory Team 0
12 BINCAZ Benoit 16 FRA 0     35.68 Scorpa Factory 0
13 KARLSSON Eddie 12 SWE 0     36.05 RG Team 0
14 GUBIAN Loris 14 FRA 0     36.52 Beta 0
15 CASALES Jorge 33 SPA 1     30.79 Beta Factory Racing 1
16 GRATTAROLA Matteo 9 ITA 1     30.85 Gas Gas FG Italia 1
17 GELABERT Miquel 10 SPA 1     31.82 Sherco Factory Team 1
18 CABESTANY Albert 37 SPA 5       Sherco Factory Team 5
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