Rescheduling of ACU Wessex Plant British Sidecar Trial

Rescheduling of ACU Wessex Plant British Sidecar Trial on the 4th August

At the meeting of the ACU Trials and Enduro Committee held on 12th March it was agreed that the West of England Sidecar Trials round scheduled for 3rd March which had to be cancelled due to exceptional weather conditions, would now run on 4th August, the day before the BSSA Tuck Cross Sidecar Trial

Re-scheduling of Championship rounds is normally against Committee policy as once the calendar is released it is acknowledged that Championship contenders will have made plans around the Championship series. However, the Sidecar riders who this would affect, particularly those travelling from the IOM, had been consulted and were in favour of the rescheduling – particularly as it they would be travelling to the West Country for the Tuck Cross on the Sunday 5th August   

As per the Championship Regulations, the opportunity to drop one day of all days held for the purpose ofassessing Championship points, remained in place.

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