RG Trials Team Montesa – Billy Green

Having won the FIM Trial125 World Championship in 2018 one of Great Britain’s most promising riders 17 year old Billy Green has made the move in 2019 to ride the Montesa Cota 300RR in the FIM Trial2 World Championship class with support from the RG Trials Team. Here he tells us about the move to the Montesa and his ambitions in 2019.

Billy Green: “Despite winning the FIM Trial125 World Championship in 2018 I found out just how tough the competition is when you move onto the world stage. I had a good year though winning 4 of the 6 rounds. The natural progression as the champion was to move up into the next level of competition which is the Trial2 class”.

“When the opportunity to move into the Trial2 class for the 2019 FIM World Championship came along with the satellite RG Trials Team headed by Rudi Geiser I knew in my own mind that it was the correct decision to make. They had guided my good friend Toby Martyn to the vice position in the championship in 2018 and have the experience to help me further my career”.

“The choice of the four-stroke Montesa Cota 300RR by the team influenced my decision as I know it has the attributes to help me improve as a rider. The quality of components is second to none which was proved when Italy’s Matteo Grattarola won the 2018 FIM Trial2 World Championship with Toby Martyn second and Spain’s Gabriel Marcelli third all riding the Cota 300RR”

“I will contest the new look ACU British Trials Championship in 2019 once again but this time on the Montesa Cota 300RR. My aim is always going to be to win but in reality my sights will be set on the top 5 as I continue the learning curve and build on my experience as the year progresses. I have already had some success by taking two wins on the Montesa in my local Centre”

“I have now travelled over to Spain for some warm weather training and to get a better feel for the four-stroke engine in the drier conditions as all I seem to have practiced on in the UK has been wet and muddy. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has worked so hard to offer me the opportunity to be so competitive in 2019 – thank you”

Pictures: Mandy Baker – Trials Media




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