Richmond MC recognises stalwart



Richmond Motor Club were proud to present David Allinson, AKA ‘Tubby’ with an Honorary Lifetime Membership and a specially commissioned gold Scott Spoon in recognition of his dedicated service and positive contribution to Richmond Motor Club and the sport over the years. David was unable to attend the Club’s annual awards presentation evening, following a recent hospital stay, so members representing the Club visited him at his home in Reeth.

David celebrated his 80th Birthday back in August and he is Richmond Motor Club’s longest serving member, since 1958.

David has probably held most of the Club’s roles during his long membership, including Chairman and President, as well as having being Yorkshire Centre ACU President. He has played an active role in the Club throughout, continuing long after his riding days, and was one of the minds behind the birth of the Reeth 2 Day trial, dreamed up over a pint in Fort William. Over the years this has evolved into the very successful 3 Day event it is now.

David is also the main reason why Richmond Motor Club run the Scott Trial on behalf of the Yorkshire Centre ACU today. When Richmond first took over the stewardship of this event not all members of the Club were keen to take it on back then. David, stubborn as he is, dug his heals in and with the help of others, persuaded the Committee to take it on. For the first few years David took the role of Scott Secretary and Treasurer and has been a big part of it ever since. Now, nearly 25 years on, The Scott Trial is one of Richmond Club’s flagship events and since 1991 the trial has donated in excess of £155,000 to various local charities and causes.

David has asked us to pass on his sincere thanks to all his friends at Richmond Motor Club for this recognition and their kind thoughts.

Now David is back home we’re sure he’d welcome a visit from any friendly faces if you are passing through Reeth anytime.

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