Round 1FIM WTC Japan 2015 – Paddock – Our First Look

Trial Magazine was on hand to take a quick look around the paddock today as the riders and machines begin to arrive at Twin Ring Motegi Japan.

DSC_1548 (Small) DSC_1549 (Small) DSC_1559 (Small) DSC_1563 (Small) DSC_1570 (Small) DSC_1573 (Small) DSC_1574 (Small) DSC_1575 (Small) DSC_1579 (Small) DSC_1584 (Small) DSC_1588 (Small) DSC_1590 (Small) DSC_1593 (Small) DSC_1595 (Small) DSC_1598 (Small) DSC_1601 (Small) DSC_1605 (Small) DSC_1606 (Small) DSC_1608 (Small) DSC_1609 (Small) DSC_1610 (Small) DSC_1615 (Small) DSC_1619 (Small)

DSC_1612 (Small)

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