S3 New Products

Lanyard Kill Switch

The Official S·3 Magnetic Lanyard is a specially designed safety kill switch that attaches to the handle bars of the bike and around the wrist of the rider. If the two become parted, due to falling off, the lanyard will become detached and the bike will become immobile cutting all power.

This unit is specially designed by S3 to easily fit replacing the standard On/Off handle bar Switch.

Fitted in seconds by simply detaching the On/Off switch connector and then plug in the Lanyard, no rewiring involved. Fits directly onto all bikes already fitted with a handlebar on/off switch.

It is now a enforced rule by the ACU that all bikes must have a safety power cut out device fitted and entry to events will not be allowed without one.

Electric Starter Kit Montesa 4RT

Reference: KIT-START-MON

Complete kit of Montesa 4RT and 4Ride electric starter (all models).
Kit contains:

  • Ignition flywheel (original Honda with gear)
  • Ignition cover
  • Electric starter engine with bendix, gears and bearing.
  • electrical installation, with relay, start button, stop button, all ready to connect on original electric plug-in.
  • Battery Li-hi.
  • Stainless Steel case for battery and electrical components.
  • Idle/Choke Magic-start system,
  • Gaskets, Bolts, nuts and all small material for assembling.

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