Sammy Miller Museum Extension – Update

It has been very wet and breezy but luckily the wonderful new 10,000 sq ft extension is now watertight and has power and light! They now have two floors upon which to display motorcycles, archive material and much, much more. Sammy is choosing the carpets and hopes to have the official opening around Easter.

The Museum houses one of the most important motorcycle collections in the world, attracting visitors from the local area, UK and all over the globe** and with visitor numbers in the ‘tens of thousands’ and increasing year on year as the collection grows. International and returning visitor numbers have shown the highest increase, demonstrating the world class quality of the museum.  Last year the museum had had visitors from**: Austria; Belgium; Canada; Cuba; Denmark; Dubai; Estonia; Ethiopia; France; Finland; Germany; Hong Kong; Hungary; Indonesia; Isle of Man; Japan; Malta; New Zealand; Norway; Pakistan; Poland; Romania; South Africa; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Taiwan; USA and of course from all corners of the UK.

The Museum Trust continues to receive important exhibits to add to the existing collection and Sammy is committed to developing and protecting the Museum contents for future generations. This will ensure that the unique motorcycle and heritage collection which Sammy has built up over 5 decades is kept together and safeguarded for the nation.

As with all world class collections, it is critical to both protect the existing portfolio and add appropriate exhibits and heritage assets to improve the depth and quality of the wider museum. This extra space will enable them to significantly improve public access to the collection and its value as a unique educational resource.

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