Sammy rides two classics

Sammy will be taking the following two bikes to the IOM and riding the two classic bikes at the Jurby Festival this year:

1955 NSU Sportsmax – Sammy won the North West 200 3 times in succession in 1956, 57 and 58


And the 1947 AJS Porcupine – 500cc Model E90 ..

Originally designed, during the War, to be supercharged but due to the FIM banning supercharging in 1947 it had to be normally aspirated.  Used by riders of the calibre of Les Graham, Jock West and Reg Armstrong.  Its greatest success was winning the first World Championship in 1949 ridden by Les Graham

AJS for Goodwood
1947 AJS Porcupine – 500cc Model E90


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