Scorpa 2018 Scott Report

October means one thing in trials and that’s the Scott Trial. The highly anticipated annual event is box office for every trials supporter. The Birkett Scorpa UK team would head to the event in strong form with both Tom Minta and Andy Chilton having a great run of National trials and British Championship.

Riding #139 Craig Houston was first to hit the ground running. Going strong and with Nigel’s very strong words of warning to all his riders (keep it steady and be strong in the sections) Craig would unfortunately hit a very unlucky issue with the HT lead on his machine and with 2 punctures it would be end of the road for the reigning Scottish Champ.

This year the Scott would see water levels rise to the point of survival mode come many river crossings. Fair effort to the Richmond Motor club team for making the event happen in such conditions. With many drown bikes due to the adverse weather this would be the story for Andy Anderson #165. He would drown is bike for a fourth time and with so much time needed to get the bike up and running he would end up running out of time! However his weekend would improve, making the long trip home Saturday to compete in the final round of the Scottish Championship to claim the title for 2018! This is the 4th consecutive year Scorpa have won the Scottish Championship.

Chilli would be #176 and set off with one plan that he made work all day, keep out of trouble and focus on the sections. Managing to stay out the water and looking after his bike he would be first Scorpa man home and 11th back in. Having put plenty on training in before the event it would show as he looked fresh throughout! As the results came in it looked like Chilli would get the top 10 he aimed for but was unlucky to lose out on a 3 way tie for 9th and end up 11th overall collecting his second silver spoon.

Minta was last Scorpa man away at #190. Again with Nigel’s words ringing in his ears he too would have a very strong day looking after the bike. 2 punctures close to the end would ruin Tom’s efforts a little on time plus a few more steady rides making sure not to drown the bike put his observation score higher then we know Tom is capable off. But on a day where the was so much unknown getting to the finish was main priority. Tom would also collect a silver Scott spoon in 18th place.

Overall a positive performance from the team and a real show of reliability from the new 2019 Scorpa. Last stop of the year is the final round of the BTC in Scotland where Chilli and Tom look to keep hold of 7th and 8th in the championship respectively.

Nigel Birkett on the Scott: “That has to be one of the toughest I’ve seen and to have both Chilli and Minta finish in the top 20 is great and I’m really happy for them both! The Scott is a gruelling event and so hard and it showed you need a little luck and unfortunately it wasn’t there for Craig and Andy this year but I’m sure they’ll be back next year for another crack. Well done to everyone at the club for making sure the event continued and thank you for inviting me to the award presentation it was a pleasure to be there! See you all there next year”


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