Scorpa 2018 SSDT

Nigel Birkett – Team Manager Scorpa UK

As ever the Edinburgh and District MCC Ltd pulled together to put on what has to be the best trial in the world! Congrats to all involved on another successful year!

And the week up in Scotland would be a great success for the Birkett Scorpa UK team. Scorpa factory ‘A’ team of Gary MacDonald, Tom Minta and Andy Chilton would secure the best manufacturers team award! Winning the manufactures team award is a massive achievement for Birkett Motorsport and something the whole team are very proud.

Across the board the whole team would have a great week. Monday saw Gary, Tom and Andy go clean and have the pleasure of riding with yellow leader boards going into Tuesday. The trio would carry on there good start and complete the week in good shape.

Young Jess Bown would finish her 3rd ssdt with a smile on her face and some very solid rides throughout the week. Jess was over the moon to conquer ‘Trotters Burn’ on Tuesday.

Craig Houston would have a Stella week and finish with a personal best over all result. Team boss Nigel Birkett would achieve yet another SSDT finish. There’s life and talent in the old boy yet.

Gary would end the week in a fantastic 3rd place on the podium. Gary takes the SSDT very seriously and rides with high Scottish pride so he’ll be more then happy with another podium finish.

Scorpa team rider results.

Gary Macdonald (Scorpa) 3rd
Andy Chilton (Scorpa) 7th
Thomas Minta (Scorpa) 12th
Craig Houston (Scorpa) 24th
Andrew Anderson (Scorpa) 32nd
Duncan Macdonald (Scorpa) 45th
James Postlethwaite (Scorpa) 73rd
Nigel Birkett (Scorpa) 83rd


Jess Bown (Scorpa) 118th
Team Scorpa

Thanks go to Duncan and Neil for paddock support and keeping everyone going through the week. No mechanical retirements for the week which shows the performance of the Scorpa.

Nigel Birkett: “Firstly thanks to everyone in my team for helping achieve a fantastic Scottish, the boys in ‘Parc Ferme’ and June back at home. Congratulations to every Scorpa rider who finished and well done to the team for their outstanding results. I’m over the moon and so proud of the boys to win the team award, Thank you. We knew we had a chance going into the week but Scotland is so unpredictable and anything could happen so to pull of the win is a remarkable achievement. Last thanks go to our team sponsors who without there help it just wouldn’t be possible”

Birkett Motorsport thank there sponsor: Putoline Oils Dunlop UK Apico Rainer Boots

Ritratto sport clothing.

Thank you to Trials Media for the pictures.






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