Seventh and Eighth for Dabill and Kadlec

Seventh and eighth places for Dabill and Kadlec in the next-to-last event in the World X-Trial Championship held in Marseille

The British Gas Gas Trial Factory Team rider was unable to make a repeat of his great performance of the previous day at the International Indoor Trial at Chalon –where he was the winner- and had to make do with a seventh position. His teammate, the German Franzi Kadlec didn’t make it into the final either and finished eighth.

James Dabill was left out of the great final of the Marseille X-Trial, third and next-to-last event in the World Championship held in the Palais des Sports of the French city on the Mediterranean coast. After finishing just a hair’s breadth away from the final in Weimar Neustatd, the previous date of the World Championship held two weeks ago in Austria, the Gas Gas rider was unable to elbow his way into the top four in France so he could get into the final of the World X-Trial Championship.

In Marseille, just the day after the British rider got such an encouraging victory in the Chalon indoor Trial, Dabill was unable to repeat the great performance that carried him to triumph in this international event. The Gas Gas rider finished with a total of 18 points in a classification round concentrated in only six areas that made it very difficult for these world class riders to make up points lost through any mistakes.

Dabill had to make do with a seventh position, just one ahead of his teammate in Gas GasFranzi Kadlec,in the first season for this young German pilot in the X-Trial World Championship.  Both are occupying seventh and eighth positions in the classification of the World Championship. They are now waiting for the fourth and last event, to be held on Friday 31st March in Nice.

X-Trial de Marseille Provisional classification
1. T. Bou, 5+8 points 1. T. Bou, 60 points
2. A. Raga, 2+9 points 2. A. Raga, 45 points
3. A. Cabestany, 4+17 points 3. A. Cabestany, 33 points
7. J. Dabill (Gas Gas), 18 points 7. J. Dabill (Gas Gas), 10 points
8. F. Kadlec (Gas Gas), 21 points 8. F. Kadlec (Gas Gas), 4 points

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