Sheffield Indoor – Martin Lampkin Trial

Toni Bou – Honda

A large crowd gathered at the Sheffield Arena on Saturday 6th January for the 2018 Martin Lampkin Trial to see the top trials riders in the world attempt the tough sections created by Dougie and Harry Lampkin. And tough they certainly proved to be with the big gaps and slippery going on the man-made sections causing even multi World Champion Toni Bou some problems!

Joining the more established stars of the world indoor scene for the first time was 2017 Trial2 World Champion Iwan Roberts, now mounted on the TRRS machine. The normally laid back Iwan was understandably nervous before the start but gave his all in the toughest trials arena in the world, helped along by a large vocal Welsh crowd willing him on all the way.

If the qualification circuit didn’t look difficult enough all of the sections were reversed for the final, with some of the undercut huge steps onto slippery surfaces looking impossible. As we are aware impossible doesn’t seem to be a word in Toni Bou’s vocabulary, his brilliance on this type of going just has to be seen to be believed.

As is often the way Adam Raga pushed Toni to his best but the Repsol Honda man eventually forged a lead that even allowed him the luxury of a relatively easy failure on the Mertux section. This soft five only encouraged Bou to have another “off the record” attempt in doing the whole section on the rear wheel only .. a feat he didn’t manage but the crowd certainly got into the spirit.

Not only did every rider give their all but the superb organisation by all involved made the Martin Lampkin Trial one of the best events of the year once again. Roll on 2019 !!

Adam Raga – TRRS
Miquel Gelabert – Sherco
Jorge Casales – Vertigo
Jaime Busto – Gas Gas
James Dabill – Beta
Iwan Roberts – TRRS
Jack Price – Gas Gas


Qualification :
1/ Toni Bou 9pts
2/ Adam Raga 10pts
3/ Jorge Casales 19pts
4/ Miquel Gelabert 20pts
5/ Jaime Busto 22pts
6/ James Dabill 23pts
7/ Iwan Roberts 30pts
8/ Jack Price 30pts

Final :
1/ Toni Bou 8pts
2/ Adam Raga 18pts
3/ Miquel Gelabert 26pts
4/ Jorge Casales 30pts

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