Sherco celebrates the production of the 30,000th ST motorcycle in the Cataluna

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Sherco Motorcycles is celebrating. The production plant in Caldes de Montbui (Barcelona) has manufactured the 30,000th unit of the ST model, since the French-Catalan company was established in 1998, a truly major accomplishment in the world of trials motorcycles. In these 17 years, Sherco has become a clear participant in the field of off-road motorcycles. The factory in Caldes de Montbui is the main manufacturing center for the trials models and is the global parts distribution center for all of the brands models. Currently, Sherco has a catalog of motorcycles that consists of 25 different models that includes trial, enduro, supermotard, joint ventures and children’s electric scooters. The Catalan factories production has continued to increase in recent years and in order to accommodate and ensure enough capacity to meet the demand, they have recently expanded the facility to twice its original size.

Currently some 3,000 bikes per year are manufactured in Caldes de Montbui, 90% of which are destined for export to over 40 countries. In addition to the Sherco models, all of the Scorpa models, a brand that is owned by the Sherco Motorcycles group are also manufactured there. In order to accomplish this production the Catalan manufacturing center has a staff of 30 employees. The French-Catalan brand has the support of a large network of suppliers in the Catalan industry, who currently provide 80% of the total components for the trials bikes and above 50% of the components for the enduro models which are produced at the plant in Nimes, a second production facility of the group where enduro models are produced.

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In addition to all of industrial activity, Sherco is involved in the field of competition in a major way. In Trials competition Albert Cabestany is the premiere rider for the brand, Albert is one of the main competitors in the all of the important races including the World Championship. Young riders are very important to the continued development of the sport and as such Sherco supports them with the Sherco Academy training programs. The Spanish rider Lorenzo Santolino races in the national and world enduro championships for Sherco. Joan Pedrero is the premier rider for the company in the Dakar Rally. These riders spearhead the racing program for the company on a worldwide basis.

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Producing the 30,000th ST is a major accomplishment for the company that continues to remain true to its philosophy in all of its products which is to: Design, R&D, develop and produce all of the manufacturing processes as well as assemble all of the motorcycles. This has enabled Sherco to become a major player in the worldwide off-road motorcycle market, thanks to the seal of efficiency and quality built in to all of the Sherco products.

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