Spain looking for double at TDN

Spain will look for the double in the TdN 2017 of Baiona with two teams

Toni Bou, Adam Raga and Jaime Busto, who will make their debut in the competition by national teams, will defend title in boys, while Sandra Gómez, Berta Abellán and María Giró (the latter pending approval by Race Direction and also will debut) will seek to recover crown in girls after being second in 2016.

The Pontevedra locality of Bayonne will become the next 23 and 24 of September in the fourth Spanish city to host the Trial of the Nations , the FIM test by national teams that since 1984 puts the end point to the international outdoor season. Well, Spain will look for his 24th title in the men’s category; the 14th consecutive. And he will do it with an unprecedented trio to date.

The members who will seek to perpetuate the Spanish dominion for another year will be Toni Bou, Adam Raga and Jaime Busto, the current top three in the TrialGP World Championship, as well as in the CET of TR1.

Bou and Raga are fixed in the combined RFME since 2005 and 2001, respectively.Busto, meanwhile, will relieve in Galician lands Albert Cabestany – the Spanish with more participation in the TdN (18) -; premiering thus in the magna competition by equipment to the natural since to date we had only seen him defend – and with success – the Spanish elastic in the last two editions of the X-Trial of the Nations; the indoor version of the TdN.

As for the girls, our three best drivers in the TrialGP Women 2017 World Championship, Sandra Gómez, Berta Abellán and Maria Giró, will fight to conquer the 7th title for our country since in 2000 the women’s version of the TdN was created.

Turned (pending approval by Race Direction) is undoubtedly the great novelty of the call this year. It will be his first participation in the TdN with Spain. However, the competition will not be alien to you. Not in vain, since 2014, has taken part in the same in FIM teams that gathered up to three pilots of various nationalities, but who were not part of the official structures of their respective countries.

Gómez has to date hold eight appearances, while the current Spanish Absolute Champion, Abellán, will add in Baiona his third consecutive incursion with the Spanish team.

The pilots, teams and followers of the SPEA RFME Championship of Trial know the location well, since in 2008, 2009, 2013 and 2015 hosted our National of the specialty. Also, Nigrán, very close to that same enclave, was the sporting epicenter of the Grand Prix of Spain of Trial of 2010.

The zones of the Trial of the Nations 2017 will be distributed along the walk of the Mount Boi, in the environs of the Parador; spread between the rocks that bathe the sea and the mountain adjoining the walls of the Count of Gondomar.

More information and details about the 2013 TdN Baiona at .

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