SSDT 2013 – Who Remembers Ba House

We all know that Ba House was in the Thursday run which was usually a long day but how can you forget the superb views of the Scottish scenery.

DSC_5758 (Small)                  It goes like this!!!

DSC_5851 (Small)Manel Jane (Sherco-ESP)

DSC_5941 (Small)Katy Sunter (JST Gas Gas)

DSC_5926 (Small)Dougie Lampkin (Gas Gas)

DSC_5907 (Small)Sandra Gomez (Ossa-ESP)

DSC_5904 (Small)David Moffat (Montesa)

DSC_5901 (Small)Andrew Brown (AG Bikes Sherco)

DSC_5891 (Small)James Dabill (Beta)

DSC_5878 (Small)Chas Lee (John Lee Motorcycles Gas Gas)

DSC_5877 (Small)Rob Waite (Beta-UK.Com)

DSC_5853 (Small)Axel Jane (Sherco-ESP)

DSC_5841 (Small)Gilles Burgat (Sherco-FRA)

DSC_5826 (Small)Joel ‘Sexy’ Sadler poor son of Paul Sadler (Acklams Beta)

DSC_5807 (Small)Richard Timperley (Sherco)

DSC_5794 (Small)Rob ‘Rabbit’ Wrayford (Montesa)

DSC_5788 (Small)Andy ‘Pornstar’ Turner (Sexy Beta)

DSC_5782 (Small)Billy Craig (Montesa)

DSC_5772 (Small)Anthony ‘ACU’ Rew (Montesa)

DSC_5769 (Small)Grab a bargain Gav Lowther (Beta) He has a nice Dad

DSC_5739 (Small)Becky Cook (Beta)

DSC_5738 (Small)Craig Talbot (Beta)

DSC_5727 (Small)Andy Blackman (Ossa)

DSC_5711 (Small)Emma Bristow (Sherco)

DSC_5696 (Small)James Fry (Sherco)

Picture Credits: All rights reserved – Trials Media.

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