SSDT 2014 Throw Back Thursday

DSC_1718 (Small)We have been in the Trial Magazine archive for a quick look back at day 4 Thursday of the 2014 SSDT – Carlos Casas (Montesa-ESP) read about him in issue 50 of Trial Magazine and his thoughts on the SSDT

DSC_1714 (Small)Sam Boocock (Trials UK Sherco)

DSC_2057 (Small)Anthony ‘ACU’ Rew (Sherco)

DSC_2031 (Small)Carlos Casas (Montesa-ESP)

DSC_2020 (Small)Barry Roads (Gas Gas)

DSC_1813 (Small)Frances Moret (Gas Gas-ESP)

DSC_1807 (Small)Sam Haslam (JST Gas Gas)

DSC_1800 (Small)Nigel Birkett (Ossa)

DSC_1799 (Small)Stephen Dixon (BMS Scorpa)

DSC_1798 (Small)Michael Brown (JST Gas Gas)

DSC_1786 (Small)Dec Bullock (Team Roundhouse Beta)

DSC_1772 (Small)Chris Alford (Gas Gas)

DSC_1771 (Small)Luke Walker (Sherco)

DSC_1770 (Small)Tom Sagar (Montesa)

DSC_1757 (Small)Michele Bosis (Ossa-ITA)

DSC_1754 (Small)Gilles Burgat (Montesa-FRA)

DSC_1752 (Small)Ross Danby (SXS Jotagas)

DSC_1747 (Small)Jordi ‘Who’s the Daddy’ Pascuet (Jotagas-ESP)

DSC_1737 (Small)Chas Lee (John Lee Motorcycles Gas Gas)

DSC_1735 (Small)Paul Nicholson (Honda)

DSC_1734 (Small)Gary Pears (Scorpa)

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