Successful Scott Trial 100 for Beta

dabillscotttrophy Beta had a great day on Saturday at the 100th year of the Scott trial. James Dabill won the event from Michael Brown and Dougie Lampkin. Beta also won the team award with James Dabill, Ian Austermuhle and Jonathan Richardson finishing in 1st, 4th and 5th positions.

Guy Kendrew also had a great day finishing with a gold spoon in 6th position which has ended a great year for Guy after his 4th position at the SSDT, British Expert champion and now 6th position in the Scott. Watch out Toni Bou … !

James Dabill Beta 1st position.
Manufacturers award. 1st position Beta A. –
James Dabill, Ian Austermuhle, Jonathan Richardson.

Picture Credit – Trial Magazine

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