Successful season for TRS


TRS completes a sucessful season with two new titles at the Trials of Nations and the third place of Becky Cook at the women’s world championship


Just a week after consolidating the second place in the world trials championship, the whole team of TRS Motorcycles travelled to the french station of Isola 2000 to race in the trials of nations, where Adam Raga compete for Spain with Toni Bou and Albert Cabestany, while Luca Petrella would race for Italy.

The spanish team quickly demonstrated its technical superiority, completing all the sections without marks and adding the 23rd victory for Spain, the last 13 consecutively obtained. Although the race is for teams and add the scores of the two best riders, we highlight the great personal performance of Adam Raga, who signed a fantastic race and gave his card with zero marks.

Finally there were no surprises and TRS achieved its second consecutive title in the Trial of Nations, an excellent result which adds to the two runners-up in the world trials championship of Adam Raga with the TRS One 300.

At Isola 2000 also participated another official rider of TRS, the italian Luca Petrella, who with Grattarolla and Tournour have signed a final fifth position.

Standings Trial of Nations

1) Spain (Adam Raga – Toni Bou – Albert Cabestany): 0 points
2) Japan (Takahisa Fujinami – Kuroyama – Ogawa): 7 points
3) Great Britain (Dabill – Price – Roberts): 8 points
4) France (Bincaz – Ferrer – Gubian): 14 points
5) Italy (Petrella – Grattarolla – Tournour): 21 points
6) Norway (Andersen – Pedersen – Sorensen): 121 points


TRS achieves the title of Women´s Trials with Great Britain and Becky Cook

The best women´s riders in the world competing for teams on saturday in an intense day of competition where Great Britain was started as a favourite with a team completed by Becky Cook -TRS-, Emma Bristow and Donna Fox.

Finally Great Britain achieved its fourth consecutive victory, the seventh since this competition was also opened to the women´s riders, in 2000.

Standings Women´s Trials of Nations 2016

1) Great Britain (Cook – Bristow – Fox): 4 points
2) Spain (Abellan – Conde – Gómez): 9 points
3) Germany (Bauer – Bäuml – Wilde): 15 points
4) Norway (Barkved – Fidje – Hakonsen): 36 points
5) Italy (Kasermann – Peretti -Trentini): 69 points
6) France (Auries – Dugnas – Ehrhart): 86 points



For Becky Cook and all TRS team the weekend in Isola 2000 was doubly special, because the british driver also got the third final place in the women’s world trials championship, adding a new podium for TRS.

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-17-40-28Jordi Tarrés – Team Manager
“It was an easy race that has put us things difficult because we could not fail or make a big difference. Also it has been a nice race, with sections of water and stone typical of high mountain. Adam Raga was perfect, completing a great season for TRS.

I would also congratulate Becky Cook for her podium in the world championship and the title won in the women trial of nations with TRS”. 

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