Swedish round 3 in Finspång.

Picture Julia Olsson

RG Trial Team

With rain during the night the sections was rather slippery in the first lap. Eddie started with good confidence and scored no points in the first 4 sections. In section 5 Eddie did an awesome manoeuvre when the back wheel spun, backed all way down and on 2nd attempt scoring no point. In section 9 Eddie did a jump for 6 meters between two plateaus to the cheers of the audience. While the sections dried up on lap two and three it become a battle for Eddie to scoring zero points.  – Peter Olsson

Eddie : ‘’This was a good race for me, the first lap was difficult because of the rain it was wherry slippery.
I had a good start and the riding worked wherry well, during the race it was a lot of people following me and with the jump in section 9 it warmed with the cheers from the audience.

To score zero points feels really good, now I will enjoy this and start to prepare for the next GP in Andorra’’.

Rudi Geiser Manager:

‘’Third race and third victory. Eddie make his job perfect at the Swedish Championship.
Little detail : one complete cleaned trial is not so easy to make, also when the level is not to high. Congratulations to Eddie for this performance.

Now we can prepare the two World rounds in Andorra and France’’.

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