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Victory for Gómez for Spain and second place for Dabill and Price for Great Britain in the 2017 TdN – Baiona

Gas Gas is back with a healthy, successful participation from its riders in the closing event of the international trial season. James Dabill and Jack Price take England up to the second step of the podium in the World Championship category. Sandra Gómez wins gold for Spain in Women and Australia, represented entirely by riders on the TXT bikes made in Salt, demonstrates its superiority over the rest of the selections in the International class.

This weekend’s Trial des Nations means the very end of this season’s international trial competitions and was held in the locality of Baiona in Galicia with an outstanding presence and great results from the official Gas Gasriders. The off-road motorcycle brand of was once again the only one to reach the podium in all the categories of this competition by national selections: World, Women and International.

On Saturday, the newly proclaimed second placed rider in the Trial WomenWorld Championship, the rider from Madrid, Sandra Gómez, won the gold for Spain in the women’s category. In this category the Gas Gas riders Ina Wildeand Madeleine Hoover finished fourth and sixth for Germany and United States respectively.


  1. Spain, 1 point
  2. Great Britain, 4 p.
  3. Norway, 6 p.
  4. Germany, 11 p.
  5. Italy, 23 p.
  6. United States, 68 p.
  7. France, 69 p.
  8. Australia, 155 p.
  9. Ireland, 175 p.
  10. Portugal, 194 p.

The following day Gas Gas was back on the podium again, this time in the maximum category World Championship, helped by the great performance of two of its official riders in the Gas Gas Trial Factory Team in the TrialGPWorld Championship: the British riders James Dabill and Jack Price. Meanwhile, in Italy, with Matteo Grattarola and Gianluca Tournour in its ranks, it finished in a prominent fourth position, followed by Norway’s HäkonPedersen, sixth, and Germany’s Franzi Kadlec and Jarmo Robrahn, also officially with brand, finally seventh among the elite of the national trial selections.


  1. Spain, 6 points.
  2. Great Britain, 42 p.
  3. Japan, 45 p.
  4. Italy, 84 p.
  5. France, 86 p.
  6. Norway, 116 p.
  7. Germany, 143 p.

Finally, in the second category of the Trial des Nations, Australia dominated with a whole team riding the competitive Gas Gas TXT models made in Salt. The ‘Ozzies’ Connor Hogan, Kyle Middleton and Christopher Baylesclimbed to the top of the International podium, in the same situation as the American Bryan Roper, second with the United States, and Central Europeans Martin Matejicek and Marek Wunsch, third riding under the colours of the Czech Republic.


  1. Australia, 16 points
  2. United States, 20 p.
  3. Czech Republic, 25 p.
  4. Ireland, 35 p.
  5. Sweden, 36 p.
  6. Switzerland, 68 p.
  7. Belgium, 77 p.
  8. Latvia, 100 p.
  9. Portugal, 155 p.
  10. Guatemala, 125 p.
  11. Andorra, 141 p.
  12. Luxembourg, 176 p.
  13. Canada, 188 p.

With the dispute of this last event, Gas Gas closes the international competition season for its riders with the satisfaction of once again being the brand with greatest representation in the Trial des Nations, where a third of the riders have taken part in it riding the emblematic trial motorcycles from the Gas Gas TXT range.

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