Team JSTGGUK Trials Team WIN Scottish Six Days Manufacturers Team Award

Team JST GAS GAS UK A-Team has just won the prestigious Manufactures Team Award at the 2019 Scottish Six Days Trial.
Jack Price, Michael Brown and Richard Sadler were the selected riders and GGUK is proud to have won this award.

Firstly congratulations and thank you to the Edinburgh and District Motor Cycle Club, the Army and all the observers for making the event run perfectly this year.
The weather was kind and made for an enjoyable week for all concerned.

For GAS GAS we had a successful week…
Firstly and importantly we had all our 50 x GG riders get to the finish with no mechanical issues.
We won the Manufacturers Team Award
We had 4 x Team riders in the Top 10.

Team JSTGGUK results and comments;

Jack Price was P4:
“ a very enjoyable Scottish riding round with Michael Brown and John Shirt. Some really good riding throughout the week. Just a few mistakes on a very low scoring Scottish cost me dearly. P4 for me and already excited to use what I learned this week for the 2020 event. The new rear end on the 2019 bike is a massive improvement in the loose and uneven rivers”

Michael Brown was P5;
“After missing last years event it was great to back at the SSDT and a top 5 finish was a good result. I had some great rides but some slack marks but overall I’m happy with my riding. Big thanks to SammyJo and my dad for driving around all week, John Shirt and GGUK for their support over the last 9 years, it been a pleasure, thank you “.

Richard Sadler was P8;
“I’m happy this week with how I have ridden and my scores. I wanted to be higher than 8th but I’ve come away satisfied. I’ve loved my first SSDT on my gasser “. 👍

Sam Haslam was P10;
Top 10 is a great result for me nowadays because i don’t ride that much now really. Had great fun with my pals Jack Lee and Alex Wigg.

Alexz Wigg was P16;
I’ve not trained at all for this year’s event and only collected my new 2019 TXT300GP two weeks before the event. I had a great time this year with no pressure just riding with my mates Jack and Sam. I ‘may’ do some training for next year…

Dan Thorpe was P20;
Strange week for me – disappointed where I finished. The main thing I lacked was consistency. The last few years I’ve not done anything special but was consistent and had a half decent result. This year I was awesome at times but gave some really shit marks away. Friday was the killer. Early wasn’t good as was at the front of the group with Joe Baker. Sections were on if you were perfect but unforgivable if you made mistakes. Didn’t help when I gave an easy 5 away through dabbing in a hole. Anyway ready to put in a good performance on Saturday and 2 would have been good until I 3d glen Nevis (after doing Ben Nevis for a dab) That seemed to sum up my week. Thanks once again for all your help and support 👍🏻

Guy Kendrew was P23;
“Disappointed with my final result in the SSDT. Never really recovered from my bad start and struggled most the week. On the plus side the bike was faultless, company was great and the weather was pretty good too. Thanks to all involved for another great week.”

Dec Bullock was P24.

Richard Timperley was P32.

Chris Alford was P40;
P40 for me this year, overall happy with my result, a couple of bad days spoilt a better result. The bike was faultless all week and thanks to the paddock team for their support over the week.

John Shirt was P42;
My 31st Scottish and very enjoyable. Tried to stay relaxed and smile all week. Was great to watch Michael and Jack all week and to see my bikes in the hands of the best riders. Both riders were superb.
The 2019 rear end/ swinging arm is a remarked big improvement on traditional sections.

Tom Knight was P128;
Great to see Tom ride his first SSDT. albeit an easy one because of the weather 🙂

Katy Sunter was P130;
A great ride for Katy and a First Class Award.

Louise Alford was P160;
After rupturing my ACL on the moor last year, it was a tough week mentally for me but I was really happy to see the finish this time! Thursday was the hardest day for me and it spoilt my chances of a top 150. P160 in the end, so I might be back next year once I’ve forgotten how bad the moors are! I’d also like to thank the Gas Gas paddock team for their support.

Thanks to for the photos and encouragement throughout the week.
Thanks to Andy Hipwell, Corin Davie and Rob Dawson for our GG paddock support.
Thanks to Factory Kev for invaluable bike preparation before the event.

Congratulations to event winner James Dabill and Beta UK for the deserved overall win.

No rest for the Team, British Trials Championship Round 2 this weekend, see you there!


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