The 2019 White Rose Trial

Barry Robinson covered it last year in torrential rain and also from 1976 for MCN.

Barry Robinson

Here he gives us a quick history on this superb event.

Barry Robinson: “Back in 1958 Reg Roberts, a West Leeds member became disillusioned with riding small course events and dreamed of running a one lap long distance trial. After over two years of planning, obtaining permissions, plotting sections etc the first event was run as a West Yorkshire Group trial. The trial was originally named the Dancaster Trial, named after the first President of the club, Harry Dancaster, in 1947. This name remained until 1976 when the trial was awarded national status and the White Rose Trophy was donated by the Royalty Inn, which was the pub in Pudsey where the club met for their business meetings at the time. Having run two years successfully as a group trial the event was then upgraded to a Yorkshire Centre trial for the next ten events. The club was keen to run the event as a national trial, but before that could take place the event had to run as a Regional Restricted for 3 years. These 3 events were vetted by an ACU steward from each of the three invited Centres, who confirmed that the event was of a good enough standard to be run as a national, and so the White Rose was born. Awarded a National status in 1976”.

1978: Rob Shepherd (Honda)
1980: Nigel Birkett (Montesa)

John Hulme: “This is one of the better national trials on the calendar and is a superb opportunity to get some ‘Real’ Scott trial practise in, such is the nature of the course and the terrain you will be riding on. What many people do not realise is this event was the first national trial win for Dougie Lampkin (Beta) in 1993″.

2018: Richard Sadler (Beta)
2018: Guy Kendrew (Beta)

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