The Gas Gas riders keep up the good work

The Gas Gas riders keep up the good work with some great results in the Japanese Trial GP

Another double from Jack Peace in Motegi! The young British rider shines in first place in Trial125. Jack Price and Dan Peace both had victories in Trial2, and Price finished second in the classification, closely followed by Arnau Farré, his Gas Gas teammate with a third place after climbing onto the podium on Saturday and finishing fourth on Sunday. Matteo Grattarola was the most outstanding Gas Gas rider in the Japanese Trial GP. The Italian rider added a sixth and a seventh place in the maximum trial category.

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After the promising results achieved in the first event of the World Championship, In the Catalan GP, the Gas Gas Factory FG Trial Team maintained its excellent results in the Japanese GP held this weekend in Motegi. Jack Peace scores yet another double in Trial125 and two victories in Trial2 from the two British riders Jack Price and Dan Peace and a podium finish from Arnau Farré.

The World Trial Championship travelled to the land of the rising sun for the scene of the second event of the Championship. The event was held on the installations of the circuit at Motegi and lived up to the expectations for the results of the team. After this success Jack Peace stands out as leader of Trial125 and Jack Price is now standing at second place of the classification of Trial2, closely followed by Arnau Farré at third place and only three points behind his teammate.

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Jack Peace, the youngest of the Gas Gas team riders, put his seal on a fantastic weekend in Japan. Just two weeks after his double win at Cal Rosal, the young British rider bagged another double win at Motegi. Thanks to this he now dominates Trial125, a category where every time he enters he wins. This time, Peace was riding in his category with the Japanese riders Akito Kuramochi and Mizuki Onoda, both with Gas Gas. Taking advantage of the World Championship’s presence in their country to took part in this event winning very respectable eighth and tenth places respectively.

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In Trial2, the Gas Gas riders shared their brilliance throughout the weekend. Whilst on Saturday it was Jack Price who rode to victory on the first day and Arnau Farré also stepped up onto the podium; on Sunday, his fellow countryman Dan Peace took his turn at the top of the classification, achieving his first victory of the season just like Price in the most hotly challenged categories of the World Championship, a capacity in which none of the winners have repeated.

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Price and Farré finished neck to neck on the classification table, with 12 penalty points each. However, the lower score from the British rider in the last of the three laps of the race meant that Price took the third place and Farré was fourth.

After the Japanese GP, the Gas Gas riders are now at the top positions of the World Championship, with Jack Peace in second position in Trial2, at just one point from the lead, followed by Arnau Farré in third place separated by just one point from his teammate and from Dan Peace in fifth position on the table after the only overseas GP this season. It was a shame that Marc Riba and Martin Matejicek couldn’t be there.

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Meanwhile, in TrialGP, Matteo Grattarola was the most consistent rider from the Gas Gas Factory FG Trial Team on rival ground. This Italian trial master made consistent rides in Japan, adding sixth and seventh places, which have pushed him to eighth place in the maximum category of the World Championship. Franz Kadlec finished thirteenth on Saturday and improved considerably on Sunday at eleventh. The German rider occupies ninth place in the general classification, after his Gas Gas teammate, the Italian Matteo Grattarola at eighth.

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The results of riders on the same brand of motorbike in Japan were rather more modest; Michael BrownHäkon Pedersen and Gianluca Tournour. The British rider got 18th and 24thin a GP with bad memories for Brown who suffered a serious injury to his knee in the same event last year. The Norwegian rider Pedersenfinished with 19th and 23rd positions, and Tournour, 23rd on Saturday climbed up to 18th position the next day, the first year in the maximum category for this young Italian rider.

After the event at Motegi, the World Trial Championship is going to have a break until the next event in the German GP. Gefrees is to host the third event on the calendar, a GP, which the same as the others ids going to be held over two days.

Day 1 Points Day 2 Points
1. Adam Raga 58 1. Toni Bou 14
2. Toni Bou 68 2. Adam Raga 26
3. Takahisa Fujinami 85 3. Takahisa Fujinami 33
6. Matteo Grattarola (Gas Gas) 95 7. Matteo Grattarola (Gas Gas) 58
13. Franz Kadlec (Gas Gas) 125 11. Franz Kadlec (Gas Gas) 61
18. Michael Brown (Gas Gas) 139 18. Gianluca Tournour (Gas Gas) 100
19. Häkon Pedersen (Gas Gas) 145 23. Häkon Pedersen (Gas Gas) 121
25. Gianluca Tournour (Gas Gas) 165 24. Michael Brown (Gas Gas) 123
Day 1 Points Day 2 Points
1. Jack Price (Gas Gas) 29 1. Dan Peace (Gas Gas) 8
2. Benoit Brincaz 36 2. Iwan Roberts 10
3. Arnau Farré (Gas Gas) 42 3. Jack Price (Gas Gas) 12
5. Dan Peace (Gas Gas) 45 4. Arnau Farré (Gas Gas) 12
Day 1 Points Day 2 Points
1. Jack Peace (Gas Gas) 45 1. Jack Peace (Gas Gas) 20
2. Max Faude 77 2. Max Faude 41
3. Shota Yamazaki 89 3. Shota Yamazaki 67
8. Akito Kuramochi (Gas Gas) 138 8. Akito Kuramochi (Gas Gas) 98
10. Mizuki Onoda (Gas Gas) 146 10. Mizuki Onoda (Gas Gas) 130
TrialGP – Championship Classification Points
1. Toni Bou 74
2. Adam Raga 69
3. Albert Cabestany 53
8. Matteo Grattarola (Gas Gas) 30
9. Franz Kadlec (Gas Gas) 19
Trial2 – Championship Classification Points
1. Iwan Roberts 60
2. Jack Price (Gas Gas) 59
3. Arnau Farré (Gas Gas) 56
5. Dan Peace (Gas Gas) 43
15. Marc Riba (Gas Gas) 10
21. Matin Matejicek (Gas Gas) 2


Trial125 – Championship Classification Points
1. Jack Peace (Gas Gas) 80
2. Max Faude 68
3. Mikkel Brade 52
10. Akito Kuramochi (Gas Gas) 16
13. Mizuki Onoda (Gas Gas) 12
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