The Montesa Cota 301RR, nominated for the Golden Delta for industrial design!

The brand’s new model will be part of the ‘Delta 2020 Selection’ and will compete for the Gold, Silver, or Bronze Delta

The award ceremony will be held on November 24th during Barcelona’s Design Week

In addition to its commercial success, the new Montesa Cota 301RR has now been nominated for one of the most important design awards in Spain. The ADI-FAD (Industrial Design Association for the Promotion of Arts and Design) has chosen the Cota 301RR to be part of the ‘Delta 2020 Selection’. With this nomination, Montesa’s new model becomes one of the contenders to win a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Delta in the Industrial Design category, marking the perfect ending to a very special year for the brand, celebrating its 75th anniversary.

Thus, Montesa continues to prove its incredible capacity for innovation and design in all their products, two of their most popular and iconic models having already earned Delta awards: The Gold Delta for the Impala and the Silver Delta for the Cota 247.

Historically, the Delta Selection has sought to recognize the work of industrial designers and manufacturing companies, it’s a true benchmark for the sector and an incredible platform for brand promotion and public recognition.

That’s why the work done at the Montesa Honda facilities, located in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, is so relevant, that’s where the Cota 4RT260 and Race Replica, the 4RIDE and the Cota 301RR are manufactured exclusively for the whole world. In fact, all the production processes are carried out in the factory, including engine assembly, plastic injection, the manufacture of the aluminium frame, the gas tank, and the swingarm, processes that guarantee the high-quality level of the brand.

The Cota model has been in production non-stop for 52 years. It’s the only motorcycle sold uninterruptedly since 1968 in Spain. Its formula for success is based on a combination of a great R&D team and high-quality technology, adapting to the needs of the market at all times. That’s why the Montesa Cota is the longest-lasting motorcycle manufactured in Spain and the only motorcycle, not a scooter, that has been in continuous production in Europe for five decades. Since its release, more than 160,000 units have been sold.

In these 52 years in production, from the first Cota 247 to the Cota 301RR, no fewer than 44 variations of the Cota model have been launched, a figure that proves Montesa’s high development and production capacity, as certified by the more than 1,276,000 units (441,000 Montesa and 835,000 Honda) produced between 1945 and 2017.

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