The National Wallace Cup Trial 26th February 2017

Luke Walker

2nd Round of the S3 Championship

Starting at the Horse & Harrow Public House West Hagbourne Oxon, first rider away will be at 9.31am, which is Mark Woodburn a local lad to get the trial underway on the S3 Clubman Championship, followed by some other good riders including Billy Craig, Tony Moulder, & it’s great to see local lady Maria Longdon coming back out to enjoy her local national. We have North Berks Joe Bayliss & Darren Wheeler followed by the Cowley brothers & another lady rider Louise Alford from Lincoln. The riders will be heading to the first group of sections at Nappers Bank which is an old disused railway line which used to run from Newbury to Didcot. After these sections they ride along Nappers Lane to the Moores where theres 6 sections in the streams & then they move onto the famous Seymours Arena which has 8 sections, with great spectating, parking, food van & also a toilet. They then move onto Lollingdon Hill which has adverse banks with tree roots which can be very slippery if it stays wet. Onto Aston Pit, Air Raid Shelter & then back to Bucknells with 3 sections which can be a sting in the tail & usually sorts the winner out. Over the road to the last section Stranges Gate, then back to the pub where you can get a pint & talk about how your day went.

Ross Danby (TRS)

The first S3 Expert runner is Lloyd Price followed by Chris Alford older brother of Louise Alford. It’s great to see local lad Bradley Cox back doing some nationals & trying to get some points along with others Luke Walker, Andrew Blackman & it’s great to see sponsor John Shirt out supporting the event. We have Jess Bown, Becky Cook & reigning World & British Champion Emma Bristow, James Fry, Chris Pearson, Simon Welch & local pushbike legend Rob Warner all competing for top spot. It’s great to see 4 riders from the British Championship competing in our event, Jack Price, Sam Haslam, Ross Danby & Sam Connor.

Pictures: Colin Bullock

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