The PRICE and PEACE GG boys continue to impress

The PRICE and PEACE GG boys continue to impress!

Jack Peace
Jack Peace

Road and Trials Factory GASGAS rider JACK PRICE has extended his lead in the Trial2 Class with another confident weekend in Andorra winning Day 1 easily and second on Day 2 to his Factory Team mate Arnau Farre. Jack now has a 28 point lead but knows he is only just half way through the WTC season and he needs to ride one day at a time.

Jack Price
Jack Price

As mentioned before to win at this level you need all the parts of the Jigsaw in place and Jack is riding with supreme confidence at the moment. He’s riding well, his bike is good(very good) and his chief ‘spannerman’ and long time supporter Tony Kaye is preparing his bike at WTC. Hard working minder OJ and supportive family are all working well. Nothing seems to bother Jack at the moment and he was even smiling when talking about the fives he has on Day2.

DSC_6411 (Medium)
Dan Peace

The JST/Cloburn GGUK Peace Bros Dan and Jack are also doing extremely well; they are both in the middle of their exams at present so things are pretty hectic for La Famila Peace. Mother, van driver, Air filter specialist mum Jayne Peace is a warrior and helping her boys 100%. I think Jayne is more exhausted than her boys at the moment. Josh and Mark also working well with their riders.

Jack casually extended his lead in the Trial125 Class winning on Day 1 but second on Day2 to his rival and friend Max Faude. Jack wasn’t happy with second but was gracious in defeat complimenting Max’s ride.

Jack is also getting a lot better at spraying champagne and smiling at the podium girls which I have advised him to stay away from both J.

Dan is trying very hard and was 5th and 6th for a good consistent weekend. Now 4th in the Championship hunting Iwan Roberts down. Dan made a few mistakes which most do in the Trial2 class. It’s the no mistakes that gets the win, not necessarily the awesome cleans. Dan flew back this morning and fly back out to France on Thursday….manic!

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The rest of the Factory GG Team had a mixed weekend;

Franzi Kadlec was the best GG TrialGP class rider this weekend. A solid 12th on Day 1 and slightly better 11th Day 2. Franzi looked very impressive when riding no stop and has one of the hardest working (and loudest) minders in the paddock. Franzi will continue to improve for sure.

Matteo Grattarola struggled when slippy and made too many mistakes. He was 11th on Day1 but a poor 15th on Day 2.

Hakon Pederson grafted with 17th both days.

DSC_6664 (Medium)

Arnau Farre struggled on Day 1 but bounced back with a fantastic win on Day 2 in the Trial2 Class and looked to be more relaxed and having fun! There’s a lot of ‘self pressure’ to win at a young age especially when representing the ‘new’ GAS GAS Factory. He has a lot of help and support which has been arguably too much. GG personnel backed off for Sunday and he was a complete different rider J


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