The Southern Trials Cup – 2017

A very hot weekend for the staging of the Southern Trials Cup in Surrey (Hook Wood)

Sections rarely used were marked out for riders to have half a chance of getting through them, 5 routes with seven sections all taped off on the rocky side of the woods.

Richard Tickner 2nd place Expert class

Section 1 a brand new section never ridden was situated opposite the new Oset park, comprised of recently chopped down tree trunks that had been stood up, these had been encapsulated around the concrete pipework that riders had to make theirway to then jump of it and make their way up the banking of logs many a five was recorded by observer Jack Dance but by the riders 2nd lap they were getting further through it. Adam Holt (Ozony Curve) was making his way nicely round when a little slip caused the whole bike to cross the tape. Elliott Tickner (Echo) when going for the leap up onto the concrete had the misfortune of hearing a big crack and was lucky to escape with just a broken chain, most beginners and dabbers had low scores on this one but the Novice riders struggled.

Chris Wilson – 5th Place Novice class

Section 2 and a climb up the hillside but once up, three logs that lay over a pit so no dabs here unless you wanted to be off, the riders had to make their way downwards. Steve Davies (Onza Limey) who recently got married to Victoria in Venice was going well and just 2 dabs taken to secure the 3rd place on the podium behind Jamie Smith (Kozz Sky) and eventual winner Adam Birchmore (Monty 221) who had a brilliant second lap of just 8 points

Section 4, Observing here Eric Scrutt at the top of a big drop down of the rocky route, swirling around the boulders Ella Chappell-Smith on her very first cycle trial on her balance bike had to have a little help from dad here while Seb Grundy went through no problem and only dropped 3 marks on his 2nd lap. Adult Novice Dean Foster on his newly acquired Ozony got further each time and finished a respectable 6th place just 5 marks adrift of Chris Wilson from Sussex.

Seb Grundy, Section 5. Winner – Balance bike

Section 5 using the Cycle trials area pallets, ramps and tractor tyres. Nate Robinson went clean here and this clinched 1st place for him in his class, just the one mark in front of Casey Moore from Surrey Heath. 3rd place went to Samuel Meeten all riding Onnit Bikes. The Robinson family were well happy when daughter Alicia won her class also.

Section 7 was good to watch opposite the Hook woods diner a timed section of 2.5 minutes to complete it, rocks and slabs with telegraph poles. Toby Smith from Lingfield was the only Expert to clean this section and with 11 seconds left on the clock.

Trophies were presented by admin secretary/observer Mrs Helen Smith.

Steve Davies (Section 2) 3rd Place Inter Class

Thank you to all concerned in the staging of the Southern Trials Cup to the spectators and all the riders.     Full Results can be viewed on Biketrial UK Web site.

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