The world champion is part of the RG Trial Team

Thanks to his victory on the last leg Sunday at La Nucia in Spain, Gabriel Marcelli became world champion 2019 ! This world title is the first of Rudi Geiser and his team RG Trial. Such a performance had never been achieved by a Swiss team.

Gabriel Marcelli, center, with his follower and manager Rudi Geiser

Gabriel Marcelli

Thank you, thank you and thank you again, a weekend at 10, impossible to do better, we did the pole Saturday, we won Sunday, and we won the world championship, tripled !!!!! I’m very happy with the race, the result, the driving and the way I kept my cool all morning. I have not realized yet, but it’s a dream come true! A big thank you to everyone and especially to the RG Trial team, it’s a dream team!

Francesc Moret in action under the watch of his minder.

Francesc Moret finished 4th Sunday, five points off the podium. In the general classification of the world championship, it ranks in 5th place final.

Francesc Moret

Weekend at La Nucia for the last race of the 2019 World Championship, Saturday I made the fourth fastest time. It did not put me in a good starting position … The race went well but with a sweet bitter taste because I wanted to finish on the podium.But in the end, I made a fourth place 5 points off the podium, I was also and especially behind my teammate to help him fight for the title, in the end, it was important for him and for the team to get the title. In the second round, I made some absurd mistakes that also took me off the podium. But to come back to me, I am happier than in 2018 because this year I have been close to the podium several times …. I have improved a lot and I will continue to work this winter to reach a good level of fitness in 2020.

Billy Green

Billy Green finished 16th and did not score. For his first season in Trial 2, the young Englishman ranks 13th overall, a promising result.

Billy Green

A difficult weekend for me in Spain, the sensations on the bike were not bad but the areas did not suit me. At the end of the day, I would like to thank my parents and the team for this happy new year and I am happy with my first year in Trial2.

The world championship is coming to an end, with the ranking dominated by the RG Trial Team driver:

Manager Rudi Geiser is extremely pleased with his team’s performance this season on the world stage. The title of Gabriel Marcelli rewards the hard work done throughout the year. This success would not have been possible without your support. Many thanks to all for your precious help.

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