Thinking of One Man Today – Alan Clews: 1938-2018

CCM 350

World renowned motorcycle designer Alan Clews sadly passed away on May 2nd 2018. Just shy of his 80th birthday Alan continued to play an active role within CCM as he had done over the past 47 years. In the 70’s Alan blazed a trail across the motocross Grand Prix’s of the world with the Bolton based firm punching well above its weight dishing out bloody noses to many of the European and Japanese factory works teams. He also established the brand in the trials world with both four and two-stroke production machines. It was this ability that endeared him and his riders to motorcycle enthusiasts across the globe and Alan’s legendary four-stroke dirt bikes would become known as “The Rolling Thunder”. His final project would see him working his magic on CCM’s latest model, The Spitfire. Alan was in the midst of a “stroked” version of the Spitfire’s 600cc engine when he was taken ill and tragically he will no longer see this labour of love brought to its conclusion, however everyone here at CCM are committed to completing this, his final legacy, in his honour.

CMT 310
320 Trial
CM 36
Trial Alloy

All pictures: CCM

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