For any rider entering the Scott you know it is going to be a long and tough day. At this year’s event three lady riders, all world championship points scorers decided to test their endurance at the Yorkshire event. With 94 official finishers who finished the course inside the time allowance the three female finishes certainly had a ‘Ladies’ Day’ to remember.

33rd -  Emma Bristow (Sherco) (Small)33rd: Emma Bristow (Sherco) – “My heart is set on winning a treasured Scott Trial Silver Spoon for finishing in the top 26. When I finished 31st last year I had one hand on the spoon but my observation score let me down. This year I carried the same pace in the event, with my only problem being a rear-wheel puncture and I finished in 33rd position. I can up my game, and intend to do so next year – and the year after, if I have to, in my pursuit of that Silver Spoon.”

74th -  Katy Sunter (JST Gas Gas) (Small)74th: Katy Sunter (JST Gas Gas) – “I made a hard day of this year’s Scott when I filled the motor full of water very early on before the first fuel stop. I always look forward to the event but I got so far behind this year. I was crossing a river when the front wheel tucked under and I dropped the machine. When I rescued it the air-filter box was full to the top with water. I had to strip the machine down and drain all the water before it fired back into life and I could set off after the other riders in an effort to finish in the allocated time allowance.”

88 - Chloe Richardson (Beta) (Small)88th: Chloe Richardson (Beta) – “My starting number at 39 was ideal as it meant that I could keep well in the front of the entry. The Richardson name is very prominent at the Scott as my father Gerald has won it twice, in 1983 and 1985, and my brother Jonathan once in 2011. I have had quite an eventful day with some spectacular crashes but I am very happy to take a finishers’ certificate. No doubt a good soak in a hot bath will reveal the true damage as the bruising starts to appear!”







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