Toni Bou, fastest in qualifying at TrialGP Great Britain

Repsol Honda Team rider Toni Bou took the fourth pole position of the TrialGP season in qualifying as the trial got underway today in Silsden, Great Britain. Takahisa Fujinami starts out from a favourable intermediate position.

Toni Bou turned on the style for the large crowd gathered in Addingham Moorside, one of the hills in the town of Silsden, Yorkshire, to clinch his fourth pole position of this year’s outdoor campaign. The Repsol Honda Team rider set the fastest time in each of the qualifying rounds on an error-free run. Bou’s direct pretenders to the title were once again left behind. Bou thus starts from the advantageous rear position for tomorrow’s event which will allow the champion to keep a tight reign on fellow competitors.

Bou’s Repsol Honda Team comrade, Japanese rider Takahisa Fujinami, finished eighth in qualifying, which could be deemed a positive result. ‘Fujigas’ was looking at ease and will seek to adapt to the sections as the veteran goes in search of a good result.

Tomorrow, Sunday, sees the main event of TrialGP Great Britain. Toni Bou is the leader of the championship with a 23-point advantage over the nearest contender. A first or second place finish will guarantee the title for Bou, ahead of the scheduled world championship finish. Bou starts out at 10.14 hrs and should finish, after completing the two-lap, fifteen section course at approximately 15:34 hrs.

Toni Bou  1

QUALY: 1ST  TIME: 30.82

I am very happy with the fourth pole of the season. Every time I’ve completed the qualifying section, I’ve managed to lower the time, which is very positive. At the beginning of the second qualifying I held back a bit as I didn’t want to make mistakes: this year we have already had to start many Sundays from advanced positions which is an unforgivable mistake. I knew I had to have speed but with precaution. As for tomorrow, I have seen that the sections are quite easy, except three or four that are more difficult, but there is much grip. It will also depend on the observers, if they are strict with non-stop, it will be a complicated race and if they are not it will be a tight race. We will have to see what happens.

Takahisa Fujinami  5

QUALY: 8TH  TIME: 35.08

I’m not that happy about today’s result, but I have improved my Q1 time by two seconds and I didn’t score any fives, which is important. For tomorrow I feel very calm. I have some good riders in front so I can monitor how they take things. It seems that the sections are right for my style, so we hope to get good results tomorrow.

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