Toni Bou remains unbeaten in SPEA RFME Championship

Toni Bou has also won with the triumph in the second day of the II Trial of Sant Corneli; Scene of the fifth and sixth rendezvous of SPEA RFME Championship of Spain Trial 2017. Adam Raga and Jorge Casales have seconded him this time at the top of the drawer in TR1.

Gabriel Marcelli, in TR2; David Millán, in TR3; Jose Maria Segura, in TR4; Martín Riobo, in Junior; Pau Menoyo, in Cadet; Berta Abellán, in Feminine A, Eva Muñoz, in Feminine B; Mireia Tasias, in Female C; Carlos Palma, in Juvenile A; Roger Casas, in Youth B; And Juan Vicente Tur, in Veterano; The other winners of the day.

A total of 105 riders have participated in this sixth race of 2017.

Toni Bou (Montesa-HRC) has repeated the great performance of yesterday and has reimposed its law in the areas of Sant Corneli de Cercs . This time, followed by Adam Raga (TRS) and Jorge Casales (Beta), second and third respectively.

The eight-time All-Spain Champion has added on Sunday his fifth victory followed by 2017 in the CET and continues to today without knowing the defeat in the domestic competition, reason why in the absence of two tests has a little closer its objective Of breaking the roof as far as absolute national titles are concerned that at the moment they equate to Jordi Tarrés, one of his idols.

The Repsol Honda rider has completed the first round with 12 points, while in the second entry in the 12 sections designed by MC Baix Berguedà, the organizer of this II Trial of Sant Corneli, the current leader of the category has hardly penalized 8 points. Raga, meanwhile, has qualified second after finalizing his competition with 13 and 12 points, respectively, while Casales has needed 7 and 19 points, as well as going to the tiebreaker by zeros, to reach the third and last place of the podium Of TR1. Not surprisingly, the Beta driver has finished with the same points as Jaime Busto, 26.

With five wins out of five possible, Bou leads the provisional standings with a total of 100 points. Then Raga with 81 points, while Jeroni Fajardo and Jaime Busto are third and fourth in the table to accumulate both 62 points.

In the silver category of the CET 2017, TR2, the triumph has corresponded as already happened yesterday to Gabriel Marcelli with a total of 4 points; 18 less than Aniol Gelabert and 20 less than Sam Obradó; His two companions on the podium.

Berta Abellán, Neus Murcia and Mireia Conde have once again topped the top three places in Women A, but with exchange of positions.

The current Spanish Absolute Champion, Abellán, has conquered its second win of the year after completing the two laps with a total of 19 points. Conde, on the other hand, has not been as successful as yesterday and at the end, with a 41-point card, he has had to settle for third place after breaking up with Maria Giró, the fourth in a row. The second place in the drawer was taken by Neus Murcia to total 31 points;Being this one his better classification of always in the class queen for the girls.

In the provisional Women’s A, Abellán now leads Conde in two points in the standings, while Murcia has consolidated in third place; Although to 12 and 14 points of the duet of head.

In the other categories, the winners today were the following pilots: David Millán, in TR3; Jose Maria Segura, in TR4; Martin Riobo, in Junior; Pau Menoyo, in Cadet;Eva Muñoz, in Feminine B; Mariona Tasias, in Feminine C; Carlos Palma, in Juvenile A; Roger Casas, in Youth B; And Juan Vicente Tur, in Veterano.

The following date of the SPEA RFME Championship of Spain Trial 2017; The seventh of the calendar. On 15 October in the Andorran town of Sant Julià de Lòria.There, only TR1, TR2, TR3, TR4, Junior and Cadet will be called.

Clasificaciones Segundo día del SPEA RFME Campeonato de España de Trial 2017 en Sant Corneli de Cercs, Barcelona, aquí.
Clasificación provisional del SPEA RFME Campeonato de España de Trial 2017, aquí.
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