Toni Bou repeats second spot in Andorra

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Trial of Andorra

Trial 2015    Round T6  , Trial 2

Repsol Honda Team come away from the Andorra Trial GP having picked up satisfactory results and points which – in spite of not winning – keep Toni Bou firmly at the helm of the world championship overall standings. Fujinami takes fifth and Busto, hampered by physical issues, finishes sixth. 

It was a gruelling and tough trial in Sant Julià de Lòria, Andorra, with a Repsol Honda Team unable to accomplish their original objective of a Toni Bou victory. The current world champion was frustrated in some of the sections, where several errors raised the scorecard tally to levels that left Bou incapable of overcoming the day’s eventual winner Adam Raga.

Toni Bou, nonetheless retains a 28-point advantage at the top of general rankings with three GPs still left before the season closes.

Bou’s brother-in-arms at Repsol Honda Team, Takahisa Fujinami, put in an improved performance compared to yesterday’s, although three consecutive errors on lap two minimized the possibility of a podium place. A fifth final place on the day in Andorra corresponds to his fifth position in the overall rankings.

Repsol Honda Team’s debutant Jaime Busto had it tough in the Andorra heights today. A sudden attack of lumbago saw the rookie seek treatment from the organization’s medical team and left the Basque rider unable to ride at full potential on the event’s second day, although Busto did succeed in coming away with a respectable sixth place.

Next port-of-call for the Repsol Honda Team will be at the same location next weekend, this time for the Spanish Trial Championship, the fourth date of the calendar. The next FIM Trial World Championship event will be the USA GP – the seventh round – to be held on 25th and 26th July.

Toni Bou   1


The trial got off to a tough start when I picked up a ‘5’ in the second section. There were a few moments when it looked like I could pull it off, but in the end it wasn’t to be. And when it’s not meant to be, the best you can hope for are the runner-up points, because I almost finished in third place. Adam has been really strong here and I know that it will be really hard to beat him in the coming races, which is why all the consecutive wins and the advantage up until now are so important.

Toni Bou

Takahisa Fujinami   5


I continued to have some problems in some of the sections, where I couldn’t make it over the obstacles which went from ‘0’ to ‘5’. For that reason I picked up a lot of points. I fought really hard, but on the second lap I committed three faults in a row which meant a podium was out of the question. Yesterday, I was last out of the chasing pack, but today I was the first of them. Now it’s time to focus on the forthcoming races which won’t be at altitude, so hopefully I won’t feel so bad.

Takahisa Fujinami

Jaime Busto   15


Today I really suffered. No sooner had the race began when I started to feel a lot of pain in my lower back and I didn’t think that I’d be able to finish the race. Luckily, there was a physio from the organisation who gave me a massage and I was able to go on. I didn’t want to pay any attention to the result, just to get through it as quickly as possible. At the end of the day, sixth place isn’t bad, but I had a tough time out there today.

Jaime Busto

Miquel Cirera

Team Manager

It hasn’t been such a good weekend for Repsol Honda Team, but the second place finishes are important if you want to win the world championship. Toni wants to win and we do too, but today it wasn’t possible. Two runner-up positions aren’t a bad result. Fuji performed better today and is a little happier. Jaime had a physical problem so we didn’t expect anything of him. Moreover, he finished in a good position all things considered. We will be working really hard to try and win the next event which is in the United States. We have to thank everyone, even though we didn’t come away with the victory, for the great team effort. This was a really tough trial for the high altitude and temperatures.

Miquel Cirera

Results Day 2 GP Trial Andorra

Pos. Rider Num Nation L1 L2 L3 T3 Points Team Time/Gap
1 RAGA Adam 2 SPA 2 10 3 20 Gas Gas 15
2 BOU Toni 1 SPA 9 5 8 17 Repsol Honda Team 22
3 CABESTANY Albert 3 SPA 6 14 4 15 Sherco Factory Team 24
4 FAJARDO Jeroni 4 SPA 10 16 13 13 Beta Factory Racing 39
5 FUJINAMI Takahisa 5 JPN 18 21 18 11 Repsol Honda Team 57
6 BUSTO Jaime 15 SPA 20 19 22 10 Repsol Honda Team 61
7 CASALES Jorge 7 SPA 33 9 20 9 Beta Factory Racing 62
8 FERRER Alexandre 8 FRA 23 17 27 8 Sherco Factory Team 67
9 DABILL James 6 GBR 27 21 29 7 Vertigo 77
10 KADLEC Franz 16 GER 26 24 28 6 Beta Factory Racing 78
11 MORET Francesc 18 SPA 37 33 31 5 Vertigo 101
12 KARLSSON Eddie 14 SWE 31 43 37 4 Montesa Team Karlsson 111
13 SHEPPARD Jack 13 GBR 37 38 40 3 Jgas 115
14 PEDERSEN Hakon 12 NOR 53 44 37 2 Ossa Pedersen 134
15 TARRES Pol 9 SPA 0 Sherco Factory Team

Rider Standings

Pos. Rider Num Nation Points Team
1 BOU Toni 1 SPA 231 Repsol Honda Team
2 RAGA Adam 2 SPA 203 Gas Gas
3 FAJARDO Jeroni 4 SPA 168 Beta Factory Racing
4 CABESTANY Albert 3 SPA 153 Sherco Factory Team
5 FUJINAMI Takahisa 5 JPN 145 Repsol Honda Team
6 BUSTO Jaime 15 SPA 121 Repsol Honda Team
7 DABILL James 6 GBR 91 Vertigo
8 FERRER Alexandre 8 FRA 91 Sherco Factory Team
9 KADLEC Franz 16 GER 63 Beta Factory Racing
10 KARLSSON Eddie 14 SWE 59 Montesa Team Karlsson
11 CASALES Jorge 7 SPA 44 Beta Factory Racing
12 SHEPPARD Jack 13 GBR 37 Jgas
13 TARRES Pol 9 SPA 32 Sherco Factory Team
14 PEDERSEN Hakon 12 NOR 24 Ossa Pedersen
15 MORET Francesc 18 SPA 18 Vertigo
16 OGAWA Tomoyuki 18 JPN 16 Honda Team Mitani
17 KUROYAMA Kenichi 20 JPN 14 Yamaha
18 SORENSEN Ole Kristian 19 NOR 14 Sherco
19 NOZAKI Fumitaka 19 JPN 8 Yamaha
20 OGAWA Tsuyoshi 21 JPN 7 Beta
21 BROWN Michael 11 GBR 5 Gas Gas
22 NOMOTO Yoshiaki 22 JPN 2 Beta
23 SATO Yuki 25 JPN 1 Honda
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