Top 5 Types of Automatic Dialer Technology for Call Centers

As part of the sales strategy in call centers, automatic dialer technology is one of the most important things that help run operations smoothly. We believe that this is an emerging technology that offers more productivity and increases efficiency.

There are numerous automatic dialer technologies available today. There are ten main types which have been using in the call center landscape and helping agents generate more sales & lead in less time.

Auto Dialer:

An auto dialer is one of the most frequently used technology in call centers. It dials thousands of calls automatically without any delay and bypasses busy, disconnected and unanswered calls. It reduces idle time and also minimizes the possibility of making an error.

It also plays a pre-recorded message when detects voicemail and informs customers about the services. Auto dialer software also comes with various amazing features that include IVR, dynamic caller ID’s, voicemail detection, live transfer, automatic call flow management, call distribution, and campaign scheduling.

Predictive Dialer:

Predictive dialer is little different from the auto dialer, as it doesn’t dial calls automatically and only make contacts when agents are free to talk. The agents have a couple of seconds to view all kinds of details, but an agent cannot control the calling process and cannot stop it whenever they want.  The call can be made sequentially and then assigned to relevant agents.

Progressive dialer:

The progressive dialer is also an ideal technology through which the system passes the call information to the available agent at the same time when the call is placed. The agent will have a couple of seconds to view the information, but they cannot control or stop the call process. Calls will be made in sequence and then assigned to the relevant agent.

Voice broadcasting:

Voice broadcasting allows agents to send thousands of voicemails at once. Voicemails can be mainly used if there is no immediate requirement to talk to the customer directly. It includes invitations, warnings, alerts, notifications, and announcements. It is also used for political surveys when leaders have to ask for opinions and views from the candidates.

Preview Dialer:

A preview dialer basically helps dial sequential calls from the database and then allows the agent to ‘preview’ the previous call records before dialing the next call. And they decide whether to continue with the existing call or process the next call. The calls are made sequentially, and the agents will never know who answered the call.

Your call center could stay up to date by using advanced automatic dialer technology that cannot only help in perfect communication but also reduces agent’s time and help them generate more sales and leads in a short time. Among those dialer technologies, call centers prefer to use auto dialer as it can dial multiple calls simultaneously and connects with live users only.

This is an ultimate feature that can help call centers to stand among the competition and provide outstanding services. That’s the reason, companies like VT Dialer can offer best auto dialer software solutions which have plenty of features to cater to your business needs.

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