– Torrot and Gas Gas have launched a joint project to facilitate access and training for off-road riders with their electric motorcycles for children.

– The school for promising young riders now has 14 partner training centers, a teaching offer that is to increase over the next few months.

– In addition to the values of sport and competition, children participating in our schools will learn to respect the natural environment thanks to our 100% electric motorcycles.

The future of trial and enduro is in the hands of the next generation, and as in many other sports, ensuring the health of our sport means the creation of a steady supply of young riders.

Aware of this reality, Torrot and Gas Gas have jointly launched the creation of the Torrot Kids School and the Gas Gas School of Champions. An ambitious training project that already has many centres distributed throughout the national territory, and now also internationally. The aim is to draw the youngest riders and their families into the world of two wheels in a professional, safe and controlled environment.

The two projects, Torrot Kids School and the Gas Gas School of Champions, share the same basic ideals; the training of boys and girls in the world of two wheels. Although the truth is that the riders who are more focused on competition will feel more comfortable in the Gas Gas School of Champions, while those who prefer to learn, improve and enjoy the world of the motorcycle in a more relaxed and sustainable way, will find in the Torrot Kids School their ideal space.

In addition, respect for the environment and sustainability are encouraged from both schools. All Torrot and Gas Gas models of children’s motorcycles are 100% electric so the emission of polluting gases and noise pollution have no effect on the surroundings of our schools.

An international training project

Currently, Torrot and Gas Gas have 14 schools involved in the project throughout the length and breadth of the land. A network that is also growing outside our borders with the imminent incorporation of a school in Central Europe, the first of the new schools that are to start on an international level.

In this sense, both brands are working side by side to expand this new network of schools as soon as possible. This is a fascinating training project, already with agreements at a very advanced stage in place for its implantation in different points of Europe. Another of the markets in which Torrot and Gas Gas have set their target for the future of schools is the United States.

This network of schools has a high rate of growth with numbers are constantly increasing. An encouraging fact is that since last May, eight new schools have already been added to the program, and in the coming months, the opening of several new centres is already planned.

All the information available on our web pages

If you wish to discover more information and the location of our centres, as well as to answer any questions you might have about our schools, we invite you to visit the web pages of Torrot Kids School and Gas Gas School of Champions, with a click on their links.

On these pages you will also be able to connect with the schools so your children can enjoy their first steps in the world of two wheels in an educational way with the total security and confidence given by Kids electric initiation bikes.

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