Torrot and GasGas international training project

The Torrot and GasGas international training project has already given a great start to more than 2,500 children

A year and a half since its creation, Torrot’s ‘Kids School’ and the GasGas ‘School of Champions’, currently have 30 partner schools in Europe and America.

More than 2,500 children from 8 countries in Europe and America have been trained on the “Kids” models of electric bikes for children at the Torrot “Kids School” and the GasGas “School of Champions”. In just over a year and a half of activity, 30 motorcycle schools located in Spain, Germany, Andorra, England, Lithuania, Romania, Colombia and Mexico have joined the training project and have helped more than 4,000 mums and dads see their children’s dreams come true.

The Torrot and GasGas “School” project started in April 2017. It has become the benchmark for training and encouraging future riders and fans of Enduro, Trial and Motocross. The main objective is to provide children from 3 to 9 years of age with the opportunity to practise these off-road specialties on an electric motorcycle in a safe, educational, responsible and fun way.

Torrot’s ‘Kids School’ and the GasGas ‘School of Champions’

The Torrot ‘Kids School’ are schools in urban and rural centres focused on offering the youngest children a first contact with the Torrot Kids electric motorcycles. While the GasGas ‘School of Champions’ is based on the initiation of ‘kids’ to the world of off-road riding in motorcycle schools, motorcycle clubs, circuits and centres run by ex-riders from the world of Trial, Enduro and Motocross. All this is possible due to the technical advances brought about by the new children’s models of electric GasGas “Kids” motorcycles.

Major accomplishments have been achieved since its creation, such as the celebration of the first 100% electric motorcycle championship with the Catalan Motorcycle Federation, the GasGas electric PromoVelocitat Cup. And also the outstanding saving of more than 5,500 kg of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere thanks to the use of the 200 Kids model electric motorbikes in the schools.

The “School” has become a new sustainable way of bringing motorcycling to urban centres using sports infrastructures, parks, squares and children’s leisure centres. Thanks to the work together with local councils, associations, federations, dealers, importers and private initiatives, the project has done nothing but grow and grow since its creation, both in large cities and in rural areas.

Growth and consolidation of the training project

The goal for next year for Torrot’s ‘Kids School’ and the GasGas ‘School of Champions’ is to continue growing, both in Spain and internationally. To grow both in terms of numbers and quality of schools, consolidating the project as the number one benchmark in the training of youngsters in electric off-road riding and also to create the “Challenge School of Champions”, with several social get-togethers among the schools associated with the project.

Torrot and GasGas will shortly announce the date for the first ‘School of Champions Day’. This will bring together all the schools and children with their own Kids bikes in one of the centres associated and of some of our official riders will be there too.

If you want to form part of the project and join the Torrot Kids School or the GasGas School of Champions send us an email to and we will get in touch with you.

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