Torrot’s GasGas Trial Factory Team riders just one step away from the podium in Strasbourg

Jeroni Fajardo, fifth, pipped at the post of the grand final by the chronometer. Jaime Busto finishes sixth, just behind his teammate.


Jeroni Fajardo

The X-Trial World Championship arrived at its mid-point at the Zenith Europe in Strasbourg last night. The fourth event of the calendar, where Jeroni Fajardo came really close to what would have been his first ticket to the grand final of this season. The rider from Girona finally finished fifth and his teammate in Torrot’s GasGas Trial Factory Team, Jaime Busto was sixth.

The GasGas riders achieved a fast track in the first round, as second and third classified. Two optimistic results that did not continue through the semi-finals, where Fajardo and Busto, paired in the same group, could not quite make it into the final by a very small margin. The timer ended up leaving Fajardo out, despite the draw with Gelabert, as the Girona rider needed more time to complete the zones. Meanwhile some small errors prevented Busto from getting into the final by a single point.

The participation of the German rider, Franz Kadlec, eighth, and the British rider, Jack Price, ninth, both riding GasGas, was a historic milestone for the brand, with four of the nine motorcycles participating in this competition coming from the factory in Salt.

The Strasbourg X-Trial closes the first part of World Championship tour in France, before the big stars of the contest visit the Palau Sant Jordi next Sunday, February 4th, on the occasion of the 41st edition of the Barcelona X-Trial, fifth round of the World Cup.


“After all this past week training hard, today I felt very comfortable on the bike. Especially in the first round, where despite making some small mistakes, I managed to qualify in third place. However, the semi-final was a bit complicated for me since I made more mistakes than usual and so I could not make it to the final. Now I will continue training to the maximum to be able to give the best of myself in Barcelona. I really want to do well in front of all our fans.”



“The first round went very well. Like last week I had to open zones, although this time I managed to qualify in the second position. Then, in the second round, when I left the first zone, I punctured the rear tyre and I had to change my bike. We only have six minutes to complete the areas and it was difficult for me to get back into the rhythm. I made mistakes in the second and third zones, which were relatively easy. In the end, Miquel [Gelabert] and I were tied on points, but I didn’t get into to the final because of my time. The rules, in this sense, are not too fair, since I went further in the last zone and it is logical that it took me more time despite finishing with a five. It was a shame because we were very close to entering the final.”

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