Trial Magazine and Yoomee Scottish Six Days Book Offer


100 YEARS OF LOCHABER SSDT.inddThe 2015 Scottish Six Days Trial starts very shortly and to get you in the mood we have a special offer on the book: Lochaber Celebrating the Scottish Six Days Trial 1909 – 2011 published by Yoomee as a pictorial history.

The fantastic book covers the 100 years of the famous Scottish Six Days Trial from 1909 – 2011. Along the way many people have been fortunate enough to witness this great off road motorcycling spectacle. Inside you will find what we consider to be some of the best images from the events history – Yoomee.

CTMUK-12-0215-Cover Proof (Small) TMUK50-0415 Cover (Small)

We are offering free UK only postage and Worldwide shipping at £4.99 which is a great saving along with the latest issues of Trial Magazine – Issue 50 and Classic Trial Magazine Issue 12 worth £10.98!

This offer is only available by e/mailing with your address/shipping details and by making payment with Paypal to

UK Price: £24.99 – Worldwide Price: £29.98

All Yoomee books can be viewed at

lc p128(21J-11) (Small) lc p126r(15 J-11) (Small) lc p124r(13 J-11) (Small) lc p123r(10 J-10) (Small) lc p123l(21 J-10) (Small) lc p116r(20 J-08) (Small) lc p114r(3-07) (Small) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA lc p107l(5 J-04) (Small) lc p98r(1 J-95) (Small) lc p95(1 J-88) (Small) lc p94r(6 J-88) (Small) lc p92r(1 J-87) (Small) lc p88l(10 J-85 (Small) lc p86r(25 J-84) (Small) lc p79r(3J-82) (Small) lc p77l(3j-80) (Small) lc p75l(7J-79) (Small) lc p72r(10J-77) (Small) lc p69l(1J-73) (Small) My beautiful picture My beautiful picture lc p57r(2-121) (Small) lc p55l(2-127) (Small)

Picture Credits: All rights reserved Offroad Archive – Yoomee Archive – Colin Bullock – Trials Media

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