When the 2017 TrialGP season kicks off in Camprodon, Spain on 13/14 May it will bring with it a new and added dimension with the event also marking the start of a new era in the fight to become the FIM Trial Manufacturers World Champion. With the Trial2 class having now gained full FIM World Championship status alongside the TrialGP class, equal weight has been given to both classes in the FIM Trial Manufacturers’ World Championship.  Prior to the recent closing date, manufacturers were invited to nominate a maximum of two riders in each class who will be categorised as counting riders in the championship. Only the highest placed nominated rider in each class will score points for their respective manufacturer at each event. With all of this in mind the 2017 FIM Trial Manufacturers’ World Championship is set to be one of the most hotly contested for many years.  Below is the list of manufacturers and their nominated riders, in order of their 2016 ranking. 

1: Montesa  TrialGP  Toni Bou   Takahisa Fujinami  Trial2  Francesc Moret Gabriel Marcelli

2: Vertigo  TrialGP  Jeroni Fajardo Trial2  Toby Martyn

3: TRS  TrialGP  Adam Raga Trial2  Luca Petrella

4: Gas Gas  TrialGP  James Dabill Matteo Grattarola Trial2  Dan Peace  Gael Chatagno 

5: Beta  TrialGP  Jorge Casales Loris Gubian Trial2  Iwan Roberts Filippo Locca

 6: Scorpa  TrialGP  Benoit Bincaz Trial2  Aniol Gelabert

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