One of the biggest changes to this year’s new TrialGP series has been the introduction of Saturday’s Qualification for Trial starting order. Initially repelled by the leading TrialGP riders, the hour or so action and drama packed session on Saturday afternoon has now become one of the highlights and most talked about parts of the weekend. 

Over the four Qualification sessions to date, the riders – in all classes – have quickly become accustomed to the new format and are now fully embracing the opportunity not only to showcase their skills in front of the gathered fans but also to the tens of thousands of global viewers who have been following the action on Facebook Live. 

The idea is simple – one specially designed section. Observation is king, with the clean riders gaining the best starting positions at the back of their respective class for Sunday’s main Trial. The twist is that all tie-breaks are decided in the favour of the rider having the quickest time. So it is all a case of strategy, play it safe and ride slow to ensure the clean, or go all out to record the fastest time whilst risking a dab or all out failure. 

The Qualification battles in Spain, Japan, Andorra and France have been absolutely fascinating and have served up some upsets and surprises with plenty of amazing riding and bravery, having had the large crowds who have assembled up on their feet and making plenty of noise. 

Britain’s James Dabill – Gas Gas has quickly established himself as somewhat of a Qualification specialist with a pole position in Japan and a front row start last time out in France. With plenty of home support Dabill will be sure to be going all out to secure his second pole position at TrialGP Great Britain. Make sure you are there to cheer him and all the other British riders on as they look to grab an early advantage at Tong. 

Whilst the Qualification section designed and built by Dan and Ben Hemingway will be a more British offering – click here to get a taste of what you can expect when Qualification comes to the home of TrialGP on Saturday 8th July at 3pm. 

For more details about TrialGP Great Britain click here.

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