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John Hulme: “I must say that the replica trials models are a credit to the family behind them. I agree totally with Francisco Climent that they make perfect gifts to people of all ages. The quality of reproduction is excellent, and I thought it was quite fitting that they presented them to riders at the highest level of the sport the FIM Trial World Championship to celebrate 50 years of the Montesa Cota and they were very well received. I am sure that they also have a future as an award for the many trial’s championships around the world. They certainly have a permanent position in my office as a reminder of our superb sport”.

Product Range

The product range includes the best-selling model which is the Montesa Cota 247 and its iconic version of the Cota 247 the Ulf Karlson Replica. The Honda RTL in its red and white versions is also very popular. Also included in the model range is the Ossa MAR Mick Andrews Replica and the Honda TLR. TrialReplic is now working to bring to the model range the legendary Bultaco Sherpa. They anticipate the model will be available before Christmas so remember to pre-order your model to avoid disappointment. TrialReplic has also designed a specific clear display case with a wooden base and an identification plate to protect the replica models. The clear windows are made of transparent methacrylate to protect and keep clean each model. The company is committed to bring memories back to life to every motorcycle trial enthusiast by producing these unique and exclusive gifts. TrialReplic models are available from the website: If you are attending 21st edition of the Ventoux Trial Classic in October the company will be presenting for the first time in France the range of models.

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