Tricky qualification for Repsol Honda Team as the World Championship gets underway

Takahisa Fujinami and Toni Bou made it through the qualifying section of the first event of the 2018 TrialGP World Championship in Camprodón with lacklustre results.

The TrialGP World Championship got off and running this afternoon in a rain-hampered start in Camprodón. The tiny hamlet in the Catalonian Pyrenees hosted this first outdoor trial of the championship season, with the qualifying section, ahead of Sunday’s main event. The results of this qualifying round dictate the starting order for tomorrow’s main event.

Toni Bou (2nd) and Takahisa Fujinami (5th) proved to be among the fastest TrialGP riders through the first lap of the qualifying section before heavy rain washed out the second, leading to falls, slips and faults as competitors struggled to keep their balance on the complicated terrain. The Repsol Honda Team riders likewise suffered with Fujinami finishing tenth and Bou eleventh with a point to save a major failure.

Tomorrow, Sunday, the first full world championship trial kicks off, with a total of fifteen sections to be ridden over two laps. The first riders start out at 09:00. Toni Bou will set off at 09:52 and Takahisa Fujinami one minute later 09:53. The trial is scheduled to end at about 15:23 pm in the afternoon.

Toni Bou  1


Q2 today was quite complicated as the terrain was wet and slippery. I made a five because I took too many risks in the descent, but that’s what this type of qualifier has: if you ride it and fail, you start from the front on race day. The positive thing is that I felt pretty good with my back, so let’s see if I can hold up tomorrow as well. We will see what happens with the weather forecast because, if it rains, that will be a key factor, so we will have to fight hard and give it everything.

Takahisa Fujinami  5


In the second qualifying we found the area very slippery – much more so than on the first lap and I had to juggle to not make a five, which increased the time of the section. Finally I will start out among the front group, like my team-mate Toni. Tomorrow we will hard fight and Toni and I will help each other out to climb into the top positions.

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