TRRS ON-E Kids 20″ 2021

TRS presents its new ON-E Kids 20 ”2021, a fully equipped competition motorcycle for young riders aged between 5 and 8 years old. 

A motorcycle that provides same driving dynamics to those of its older sisters, thanks to its monocoque frame, its cast aluminum swingarm, ergonomics and components, incorporating on this occasion a new controller that allows a better adjustment of its performance to the real level of each pilot, power, speed and response.


1. TRRS grip foot pegs. Adjustable (+/-) 2.5mm
2. Rear shock absorber rocker link. Reinforced.
3. Throttle electric with battery indicator.
4. Red frame.
5. New decoration.



1.    Adjustable controller in three terms: (Greater behavior adjustment of the motorcycle according to riders and different terrain).
a. Power.
b. Speed.
c. Response.
2. Simplified installation with potentiometers.
3. Multi-voltage charger with 4.5A charging capacity. Faster and better adaptable charging to the supply network of different countries.


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