The Trial of Nations 2019 has been held in Ibiza, ending the current edition of the Trial World Championship. TRS in this TDN have climbed to the top of the podium in all categories.

Riders from almost thirty countries arrived in Ibiza to race in the Trial of Nations. A very special race for TRS, because it was the first title for the brand in 2015 and has been revalidated consecutively until the present edition.

Adam Raga, integrated in the Spanish team, has added the 16th consecutive victory for his country. A title that joins this season to the world runners-up in the individual disciplines of TrialGP and X-Trial, consolidating again the TRRS as the best 2 stroke ranked in world-class competitions.
We also celebrate the victory in the International category of Germany, with Kadlec and Reumschuess.

In the women’s category, Spain also won, with Sandra Gómez riding her TRRS Raga Racing.

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