TRS Team finishes first season

TRS Team finishes its first season with a double second place for Adam Raga in the Italian Gran Prix and runner-up in world championship. Luca Petrella achieves his first victory for TRS Team in Trial 2.

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The TRS Motorcycles Racing Team completes its first season in the World Trial Championship obtaining the second place in the top category with Adam Raga at the controls of a TRS One 300. Throughout this season the Spanish rider has achieved the first victory in the world outdoor for TRS Motorcycles, plus eleven second places, finishing the rest always podium, demonstrating the strength, reliability and regularity of the whole team.

The last Grand Prix of the season, played in the Italian town of Chiampo under the tutelage of Motoclub Valchiampo, has gathered a large number of viewers around sections of varied nature, combining stone, sand and water, with a course of high difficulty.

The first day of competition took place in the context of demanding areas where Adam Raga found a steady pace during the three laps of the course that served to hold comfortably the second place with a wide advantage over his rivals, but no options to fight for victory.

In the second race day, Adam Raga records were more evenly matched to his arch rival, Toni Bou, finishing the first lap just one point behind. Various errors in the second lap prevented the TRS rider keep aspirations to victory, finally achieving a creditable second position and initialing the great work of the entire season with a solid second place in the world championship.

In the Italian Grand Prix, TRS Team has achieved another major objective: signing a victory in Trial 2 category. The Italian rider Luca Petrella confirms its progression during the season with a solid victory on Sunday.

Trial World Championship is over, but TRS will be part of the “Trial of Nations” on 11 September in Isola 2000 (France).

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Adam Raga (TRS) P1:  
It’s been a tough weekend, over 50 kilometers long, and this fact has made it even harder. The organization was perfect and had much public areas. I’m very happy with how we worked during the season, finishing every race on the podium with a new bike and team. This gives us more strength and motivation to keep working and try to fight for the title next season”



Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 18.26.54Jordi Tarrés (Team Manager):  
“It was a very tough and competitive trial with determinant areas to make a difference and a very successful course with a great crowd. We have improved on the second racing day, with closer records to the first positions and fighting for  the victory until the end of the race. We are specially thrilled about our first victory on Trial 2 alongside Luca Petrella.”  


Results Trial GP Italy day 1

1) Toni Bou (Repsol Honda Team): 13 puntos
2) Adam Raga (TRS Motorcycles): 56 puntos
3) Jeroni Fajardo (Vertigo): 86 puntos
4) Albert Cabestany (Sherco): 89 puntos
5) Jaime Busto (Repsol Honda Team): 91 puntos
6) Takahisa Fujinami (Repsol Honda Team): 97 puntos

1) Dan Peace (Gas Gas): 35 puntos
2) Arnau Farre (Gas Gas): 35 puntos
3) Gael Chatagno (Sherco): 35 puntos
4) Iwan Roberts (Beta): 44 puntos
5) Luca Petrella (TRS Motorcycles): 52 puntos

Results Trial GP Italy day 2

1) Toni Bou (Repsol Honda Team): 42 puntos
2) Adam Raga (TRS Motorcycles): 50 puntos
3) Jeroni Fajardo (Vertigo): 56 puntos
4) Albert Cabestany (Sherco): 62 puntos
5) Takahisa Fujinami (Repsol Honda Team): 67 puntos
6) Jaime Busto (Repsol Honda Team): 85 puntos

1) Luca Petrella (TRS Motorcycles): 15 puntos
2) Jack Price (Gas Gas): 27 puntos
3) Iwan Roberts (Beta): 27 puntos
4) Arnau Farre (Gas Gas): 30 puntos
5) Dan Peace (Gas Gas): 30 puntos

Riders standings

1) Toni Bou (Repsol Honda Team): 289 puntos
2) Adam Raga (TRS Motorcycles): 252 puntos
3) Takahisa Fujinami (Repsol Honda Team): 190 puntos
4) Albert Cabestany (Sherco): 181 puntos
5) Jeroni Fajardo (Vertigo): 173 puntos

1) Jack Price (Gas Gas)
2) Iwan Roberts (Beta)
3) Arnau Farre (Gas Gas)
4) Dan Peace (Gas Gas)
5) Gael Chatagno (Sherco)
6) Luca Petrella (TRS Motorcycles)

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