TRS team ready to reach the best in the World Championship 2018

TRS starts it´s third world trial championship with a team that includes 11 riders from many different countries and participating all categories, a third world championship for the brand from Barcelona coinciding as well with the third year of production, a period of time on which the brand has places close to 3.000 units on the market world wide, reaching not only the highest place on the podium but as well, a privileged place on the market becoming a reference brand for all trial lovers.

Jordi Tarrés 
Team Manager
“We are facing our third season in the world TRIAL GP with great goals in all categories, including females and Trial 125. Already in 2017 we showed that we are at a great level and the volume of outstanding riders with TRRS is increasingly high. I am confident that we can celebrate great results every race and in every category. “

Adam Raga (Spain)

“I’m looking forward to this new Trial championship. Each season I ride is still exciting and even more if we come from doing a good job at the beginning of the year, so our goal is to bring the TRRS to the highest level in all races and be regular. We are ready to make good results this season.”

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