Two New OSET Bikes at British MotoGP

OSET 24.0





OSET Bikes will today officially launch its new electric Motocross bike – the MX-10 and OSET 24.0 at MOTO GP, Silverstone 1 – 4 September 2016.  Now in full production the bikes will be available from November for the general public.




The ground up design for the MX10 has seen the team analyse the ideal off-road geometry for children aged 4-7 and design components and systems to achieve optimum performance.


Ian Smith, founder and CEO of OSET Bikes, said: “We knew what we wanted when we started the project and the team is confident the MX-10 delivers on every aspect – we’re incredibly proud of the bike we’ve produced!”


The market today revolves mostly around a petrol starter machine that is a simple, drum braked, gasoline powered 50cc machine that has remained virtually unchanged since its introduction in 1981. The OSET MX-10 aims to provide a new and improved option!  It will cost consumers £2,750.


The MX-10 features an adjustable seat height – giving even the smallest riders more confidence as they can touch the ground. When lowering the bike, the geometry alters to provide more stability for raw beginners. The front forks, rear shock and brakes are all designed to suit the bike and young riders – they’re lightweight and adjustable because one size does not fit all.


One of the biggest hurdles young riders have to overcome when riding a traditional petrol starter machine is the power delivery. With most of the power at the top of the rev range, many kids are simply too scared to give it a handful.  Ian adds: “The MX-10 resolves that issue. The power, throttle response and top speed can all be easily altered to suit the rider. The very youngest riders can build confidence and speed safely. The linear, electric power is easy for children to master and allows for parental control.


“And we’re not finished there! Electric power means no kick start – which means no more running across a track to help get the bike restarted. It also means no hot exhaust, so no one is going to be scorched accidentally. And the weight means when they inevitably slide off, they can pick the bike up relatively easily and get started on their own.”


As practice locations become increasingly scarce, the virtually silent MX-10 opens up many more options than its petrol counterparts.  It means more time on the bike, more skills and more fun!


OSET 24.0
OSET 24.0

OSET 24.0

The OSET 24.0 is available in an adult or junior version. Both specs will retail at £3,225. The OSET 24.0R Jr is aimed at the youth ‘medium wheels’ trials market.  It will enable the hundreds of children riding competitively across the UK the option to stay with the electric powered OSET as they grow out of the smaller OSET 20.0.  It is designed for children to ride trials age 9 – 12 or up to 61kgs (9 ½ stones).


The 24.0R Jr has proven itself in its first full year in UK National competition.  Myles Hutchinson is British Champion – riding against 80cc geared bikes and Dominic Horne has secured third in the class above.  Sophie Bailey meanwhile is also third in the Women’s C-Class British Championship.

The standard OSET 24.0R is aimed at teenagers, adults and all play riders – offering maximum entertainment value.  It comes with lightweight 19” trials tyres front and rear.  The reduced weight delivers more power, increased run time and offers a taller bike more suited to trick riding.  The suspension is set for teens and adults weighing up to 90kg (14 stones).


The two models feature a powerful new OSET motor, controller and battery that have been designed to work in unison with the bigger machine. Very few components are shared with other bikes in the range and like the MX-10 is a ground up design.


OSET Lithium Battery Pack

The OSET lithium battery pack is standard issue in the MX-10 and 24.0R models. It’s a 48v, 20 amp/hour pack capable of taking an OSET further and faster than ever before.


Ian Smith said: “It’s taken several years of development and testing to arrive at this stage. To manufacture lithium batteries correctly is a long process, requiring careful selection of materials, cells to be used, structure, and with ease of use and reliability of utmost importance.”


The primary concern for the new OSET Lithium battery pack was safety coupled with performance.  The lithium pack comes with an inbuilt battery management system to prevent over charging, over discharging and a number of key performance parameters. Lightweight and simple to charge, users can simply plug it in and let the charger do the rest.


Financially, lithium batteries are by far the biggest single component cost in the bikes. Ian describes it as: “It’s like buying a bike with years’ worth of free fuel.

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Anyone wanting to see the OSET 24.0 in action can tune into ITV’s Go For It with Stephen Mulhurn on Saturday 03 September at 7pm to see Oliver Smith take on a nail biting challenge!

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