The final of the World Championship took place in Italy, on the LAZZATE field, which is specific, thanks to the layout of the artificial sections in an area of around 1500m2.

The paradise of spectators who were unfortunately prohibited, thanks to COVID.

On the race side, our pilot Gaël Chatagno arrived with an advantage, having won the first 2 races of the championship.

This championship is not well supplied in terms of race numbers because these two races in Italy were the last two.

A big pressure for Gaël who must keep his advantage! A victory over two races would allow him to get the title, but if his opponent wins both, the rules state that the winner of the final race will be the World Champion (even with two victories each).

The 1st day of the race, mentally difficult, was not a success for Gaël committing three failures (a stop, a broken banner and an arrow hit), against very few errors for his opponent, Albert Cabestany, counting among the best pilots in the world.

Our official pilot has no choice but to win this last round to be able to wear the gold medal.

It is extremely motivated and focused that we find him on Sunday morning in the first sections, chaining obstacles with an incredible lightness on the handlebar of his EPURE RACE, that he finishes in the lead at the section 8 after a failure of his rival.

This section 8, modified on the second day by the organization (more difficult) was the strategic point of this race. 200% focused on this complicated passage at the end of the section, Gaël made one mistake when entering in the section, allowing his rival to take control and be mentally stronger…

Albert will not make any more mistakes, while our young “frenchie” will make another failure in the second round of this cursed section!

This will not prevent him from staying focused on his race by finishing the last lap with 0 penalties! Gaël has demonstrated his potential and the one of his bike, which will not meet any mechanical issues through the season just like the 3 other pilots in this category riding their Epure; Julien Perret (P3), Jérôme Delair (P4) et Martin Pochez (P5).

The entire Electric Motion team is very satisfied with this result, with Gaël performance and the ones of his bike as well as its reliability!

The work done by the whole team has allowed our rider to only focus on his driving skills, which has given him the means to make us dream and have real pleasure in this championship.

Very last 2020 appointment will be on November 1st for the final of the French Championship at Revest (83), where our pilot will be keen to confirm his leadership position!

A word from Gaël: “This is not the end I was hoping after my 2 victories at Isola 2000. Nonetheless happy to have fought to the end against one of the best in the world of trial!

Thanks to the whole Electric Motion team for making me ride in amazing conditions with an even more efficient bike. You’re on top!

See you on November 1st for the final of the French Championship”

Thanks a lot to our partners:

NILS experts in lubricants

HEBO Factory


GECO Specialparts

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